ABSTRACT Themain aim of Lean production is to reduce wastes, improve communication betweenthe processes so that the system can produce the right quantity at the righttime. By implementing and sustaining the lean principles in an organization,one can appreciate the results of a shorter lead time, delivery reliability anda great customer satisfaction. Toachieve continuous One-Piece flow in any kind of manufacturing process is adream for many managers.

However in reality, due to the complexity and too manyvariants it is next to impossible to create such a continuous flow from rawmaterial to finished goods in most of the cases. Nevertheless, the advantagesof the continuous flow can be exploited by using it in the downstreamprocesses. ThisThesis work presents the building of a Production line for a particular groupof Product variants in Schaeffler Technologies AG, Eltmann with the objectiveof achieving a Continuous One-Piece flow concept.

This Thesis contains the investigationof Current status of work, data collection and Literature studies to find the optimalsolutions to achieve the desired status. Thescope of this thesis is limited to the downstream processes of a designated productionstream (which is named as NH8 i.e.

Nova Honnen 8). To realize the goals,firstly the Processing stages was understood. Meanwhile the problem definition,required data and information were gathered and processed to fully understandthe purpose of the project.

Using Value Stream Mapping (VSM) the current statusof the production was mapped. With the help of VSM soon different kinds ofdeadly lean wastes were found. For example, many Operations processing independentlyleading to collection of inventories before and after the processes, longerwaiting time and throughput time are to name a few. Balancing of the proposedproduction line along with the operator planning is done. Along with the leanconcepts, concepts to stabilize or replace face grinding technology aredeveloped with the help of specialists. At the end, different possible layoutdesign has been simulated using Automod software.

 Atlast, the evaluation of the proposed method is done. With the conclusion andresults, further recommendation has been given to the Company for future worksand implementation.


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