Abstract:In now a days’s world,majority of human beings travel by using vehicles, and commonly humans arefacing troubles on parking vehicles in parking slots in a city. So maximum ofthe time humans spending their treasured time in looking for parking masses. Theusage of automated smart parking machine we will lessen the time, fuel intakeand additionally human efforts. Our system is based totally on Internet Of  Things(IOT). IOT is a idea used to attach allour surrounding things to a community and communicating with each other.

It’sfar widely labeled into 3 classes sensing, processing and connectivity. Ourmachine is cloud based machine which contains Optical sensor to stumble onempty parking slots and send this records to server, this records may beaccessed by means of the customers. Keywords: Internet of Things (IoT), OpticalSensor.

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 I           INTRODUCTION The project aims in designing anadvanced smart parking system using IOT technology. The devices can be switchedusing a mobile through server (Wi-Fi). These had greater importance than anyother technologies due to its user-friendly nature. Consider the advantages ofWi-Fi an advanced automatic system was developed to monitor the status ofparking slots. Wi-Fi ( Wireless Fidelity) is a wireless technologythat uses radio frequency to transmit data through the air. Wi-Fi transmitsdata in the frequency band of 2.4 GHz reach up to 150 feet (46 m) indoors and 300 feet (92 m) outdoors. It implements the concept of frequency divisionmultiplexing technology.

The controlling device for the monitoring in theproject is a Microcontroller. This display of information is done by implementingthe concept of Internet of Things. IOT is a concept used to connect all oursurrounding things to a network and communicating with each other. Microcontrollerreads the data and sends the data over Wi-Fi to the IOT web page.

The Microcontrolleris programmed used embedded C language. ProblemStatement:To design and implement the systemthat will aid the driver to have immediate knowledge of the vacant parkingspots in his vicinity, by displaying the information over the web. II         LITERATURE SURVEY “Smart Parking System using Internetof Things (IOT)”to overcome troubles of finding vacant parking spot in nearbyparking. While developing this they’ve used Raspberry Pi as a hardware platformand they maintained their, database on a central server. They constantlycaptured snaps of parking area to determine which slots are empty and which oneare occupied. Automatic Parking Management Systemand Parking Fee Collection Based on Number Plate Recognition.”, IntelligentTransport System (ITS) and Electronic toll collection (ETC) using opticalcharacter recognition (OCR) creates a record for all entering vehicle. Thiscreates tag less entry for all vehicles in the parking lot, but it does notassign a slot to the user.

A universal OCR algorithm is not available, makingit difficult to create said records. III         PROJECT OVERVIEW An embedded gadget is a mixture ofsoftware and hardware to carry out a dedicated undertaking. some of the primarygadgets utilized in embedded structures are Microprocessors andMicrocontrollers.Microprocessors are typically knownas preferred reason processors as they sincerely take delivery of the inputs,process it and deliver the output.

 In contrast, a microcontroller not simplestaccepts the statistics as inputs however also manipulates it, interfaces thestatistics with numerous devices, controls the data and for that reasonsubsequently offers the result.The task “automatic Parking systemthe usage of internet of things” became designed such that the popularity ofparking slots can be regarded from everywhere in the customers webpage. 


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