This project report
deals with study and development of ecovillage. We define ecovillage as Ecovillage is that modern energy
access acts as a catalyst for development in education, health, security,
productive enterprise, environment that in turns support further improvement in
energy access. Ecovillage is a settlement which combines sociocultural
environment with a low–impact way of living.

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Eco village
development is necessary for reduction in usage of fossil fuel and increase in
usage in renewable energy (E.g. hydropower, solar, wind, tidal, wave energy),
usage of bio-fuels, shifting to public transport system (rail, buses) and
non-motorize transport (cycling and walking), advance hybrid or electric
vehicles. Usage of energy efficient applications, active and passive solar
designs, improve insulation, usage of natural building materials. Expanded
rainwater harvesting, water storage and conservation techniques, water re-use
and re-cycling techniques. The ecovillage concept aims to realize its goal
through providing policymaker with insightful, bottom-up analyses of the
challenges of village development.

Key words: Ecovillage,
Sustainability, Communities of Practices.


eco-village is a sustainable human settlement with all aspects of life,
including the cultural, ecological and social dimensions. In India there are
6,00,000 villages out of them 1,25,000 are backward so there is a need for
designing and building the village as an eco-village. The eco-village providing
sustainable family relationship without disturbing the environment. The vision
of eco-village is development in education, health, sanitation, clean water.
Now a day, our government gives focus on ecovillage and implemented the scheme
of develop the village and achieve the economy. Ecovillage will serve as better
engines of economic growth to eco-village producing goods and services. The
focus on ecovillage on human life, nature and reduce the migration of people.
India lives in its village said Mahatma Gandhi, a great freedom fighter and
visionary leader of India. Initially the concept of development of village is
of Mahatma Gandhi that is Suraj and Swaraj.But now a day it is newly term as an
eco-village. We know that India as a developing country with help of eco village.
A few ecovillages and transition villages serve as centers of excellence for
prevention of natural and environmental disaster. The eco-village concept
realized its goal through of providing policy maker with analysis of the
challenges of eco development. At present one of the major challenges in India
is growing population and rapid urbanization.


To develop techniques for alternative energy
through solar & biogas.

To understand the principles of Eco-village,
Sustainable development techniques, Green building materials & its

To proposed green spaces & plantations with
Agro based activities.

Relationship between present and future

To focus on low impact on human life and on

To improve the standard and quality of living of
the backward.


It provides sustainable family relationship without
disturbing the environment.

To solve the problem of energy shortage in rural area.

To solve the problem of soil and water conservation.

To manage municipal solid waste.


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