Abstract-Thefundamental aspect of our living is Security, which is at stake due to the actsof various greedy people.

Security for household belongings, office documents andbank vaults, are of utmost importance. With the advancement of technology,intelligent hackers and burglars are succeeding towards their goals. So thereis a continuous need to facilitate the existing security systems with theprogressive technologies and eliminating its loopholes. Machine to machine (M2M)communication without human interaction, which is known as Internet of Things (IOT)1 is the key to our project. The aim of our project is to implement amulti-layered security system which is based on IOT and includes RFID 2 (RadioFrequency Identification), OTP (One Time Password) and an android applicationto operate it. Thus our innovative work provides the security system forvarious purposes with high degree of protection. Introduction-Oneof the biggest problems that modern world deals with is security.

The demandsfor secured systems are always in the priority list. The necessity ofprotection of valuable and important articles from intruders paved the way forthe development of security systems.  Securitysystem refers to the process and methodologies involved with keeping thingssafe and available assuring its integrity, that is, it prevents unauthorizedaccess. But with the advent of technology, the means of hacking and burglaryare developing too, creating the vacancy for more improved levels of security.

Facialdetection, biometric sensor, as well as the password locks has proven to beinsufficient in comparison to the technically sound hackers when used inisolation. Our work deals with the development of a system with various layersof security within an affordable range. Hacking multi layers of security iscomparatively complex that those single layered systems. Access will only beestablished when the predefined set of Wi-fi networks are used instead ofpublic Wi-fi network to eliminate the chances of hacking. The androidapplication is first logged in with the registered user id and password. Then a4 digit unique OTP will be generated without which the system cannot be accessed.

When the OTP is matched only then the user will have the option open or enter. Unauthorisedhackers and intruders will be unable to break into the system thus making itreliable and beneficial for the users. IOT is the vast network of devicesconnected to the Internet, including smart phones or tablets and anythingincorporated with a sensor, which is capable of collection and exchange ofdata.  SSL secured IOT server is used tominimise the chances of hacking. IOT is used instead of GSM module whichreduces the overhead cost to a great extent. A dedicated sim card along withbalance to send message was the basic requirement which further increased thecost by many folds.

RFID uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identifyand track tags attached to objects that contain electronically stored data. History of the WorkAs time is rolling by the burglars are usinginnovative techniques to succeed and thus creating a demand for more advancedsecurity systems. This urges us to propose a solution to the burning problem.Existing SystemThe Systems that are in practice,uses GSM based system that eventually increases the price as it requires adedicated sim for sending the messages. These systems have one or many layers of security such as RFID,Biometrics like finger print and others. In case of single layered systems,they don’t provide enough security and in case of multi-layered systems whichhas facial recognition, finger print, RFID working concurrently, becomes timeconsuming and inconvenient as in the case of AnkushVishwanath, BasappaYelappaHaibatti, Pavan Krishna Kotekar, RakeshkumarT S, Sandesh A, Shreyas M Belavadi, SudarshanPatilKulkarni’s workentitled as RFID and GSM based threeLevels Security System 3. ProposedSystem We haveput forward a system which will provide better security, time saving, userfriendly and cost effective.

This system is incorporated with multi layersincluding application login, RFID unique tag identification, OTP (one timepassword) with the use of Internet of things, making the system cost effective.The security system can only be accessed with AES encrypted pre-registeredwi-fi networks.        FLOWCHART       BLOCKDIAGRAM   ResultAnalysis1.      AES encryptedpre-registered wi-fi networks:  Thesystem can only be accessed with AES encrypted pre registered wi-fi networks.2.      App Login :Each user is required to enter an unique id and password to gain access to thelock/unlock interface of the app.

3.      RFID tag :Then the user need to scan his/her encrypted RFID card  4.      OTP  receive : on successful RFID match an OTPwill be received on the app5.

      OTP entry : The received OTP must be enteredinto the system using the system integrated keyboard6.      LOCK/UNLOCK : once the otp matches, thelock/unlock button in the app gets activated.


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