Blue eye is a technology which is being developed
so that the machines get sensational abilities and perceptual abilities just
like our human beings .These abilities make the computational machines to understand
the feelings of humans and this helps to interact with them. The main aim of
this technology is to analyse human brain and understand their physiological

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Sensational, perceptual,
wireless, hardware, software, data, information, bluedooth


         Imagine a world where humans can communicate
with their computers. This concept was first developed by a research team in IBM
at Almaden Research Center (ARC) in San Jose, California since 1997.This based
on the idea of Paul Ekan’s facial expression.The etymology of the term blue
eyes goes as blue stands for bluedooth technology which is wireless and the term
eyes are used because it is the only part that helps us in finding the human
expressions easily. The main aim of this technology is to provide computers all
those human abilities of   understanding the feelings of others by just recognizing
their facial expressions, and the tone in which they speak so that these machines
would interact with human beings very easily. It could understand your feelings
even with the touch of the mouse .For example if you are really tensed and you
want to call your friend, this technology automatically understands the urgency
and call your friend who is working in your office or someone who is very close
to you. In short its objective is to provide sensional and perceptual powers to
machines to interact with humans and help the in all situations. Hence computer
could act as intimate partners to humans.


This technology works with the combination of both software and hardware
components. Central system unit and the data acquisition unit act as the
hardware component. Microcontroller acts as the heart for this technology. A Bluetooth
technology is used for connecting both hardware and those software units. We
could use this type of technology in all working places to understand the emotions
humans and to record them .It generally consists of the following units

data acquisition unit

Central system unit

The software unit


             It is otherwise
called as mobile measuring unit.The main objective is to get the physiological information
from the sensors and transfer it to central system unit. This is done for
processing purposes and for verification too. A  Bluetooth is integrated with the DAU is used
to send the data to the central system. Both CSU and DAU contains their own pin
codes and id numbers for authentication purposes. The components that are used
are five-key keyboard, beeper and LCD for displaying purposes. The voice is transferred
by using a headset.


next component being used is the CSU. It contains a codec and a Bluetooth module
.codec refers to those voice transmitted information. This part is connected to
our computers by using a USB cable or a parallel cable. The microcontroller
which is present in it handles the UART transmission.



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