Abortion is always wrong ·        Pro-life: emphasizing rights ofthe embryo or fetus to be born based on human rightso    Isthe foetus considered a person?o    Atwhat point in its development does it become a human being?·        Abortion is akin to murder as itis the act of taking human life.

It is in direct defiance of the commonlyaccepted idea of the sanctity of human lifeo    Nocivilized society permits one human to intentionally harm or take the life ofanother human without punishmento    Manywho choose abortions are often minors with insufficient life experience tounderstand fully what they are doing, thus will regret their decision in thefuture·        Alternatives to taking away theunborn fetus’ life such as adoptiono    Becauseof its convenience, it can be seen by some as another form of contraception,thus encourages loose morals·        Abortion can result in medicalcomplications in the futureo    Riskof ectopic pregnancy, chance of miscarriage, pelvic inflammatory diseaseo    Intensepsychological pain and stress·        In the situation of rape andincest, abortion is seen as punishing the unborn child who committed no crime Abortion is morally acceptable when there is a range ofcircumstances·        Pro-choice: emphasizing the rightof women to decide whether to terminate a pregnancy based on women and humanrightso    Rightsof the mother to decide what happens with her bodyo    Placingher health needs above those of the unborn fetus if it is life threatening·        Gives parents an option if theyare unable to provide a good life for the unborn child due to failed familyplanningo    Preventsthe child from going through harder liveso    Especiallyfor teenagers who become mothers tend to have grim prospects for the future andare much more likely to leave school, thus the unborn fetus will receiveinadequate prenatal care and puts both the mother and child at risk·        Unborn fetus is not considered ahuman entity, thus should not be entitled to human rightso    Whena fetus is attached by the placenta and umbilical cord to the mother, itshealth is dependent on her health and cannot be regarded as a separate entity,thus the mother should be given the rights to make her decisiono    Theability of a women to have control of her body is critical to civil rightso    Sinceit is not counted a human life yet, it is not considered murderAbortionis a safe medical procedure with less than 05% risk of serious complications

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