‘the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy’, is widely legal in many
countries including England, many states in America, China, Sweden and many
others. However, despite this legalisation in these countries, it is strictly
prohibited or only granted if the abortion will save the mothers life in many
other areas of the world including Brazil, Egypt, Iran etc. Despite the many limitations
on abortion globally, approximately 809,034 abortions are carried out per year,
which proves that they’re a very important and ethical procedure. However,
questions are raised as to whether abortions should be open to all people for
any reason, such as in the UK, females under the age of 16 don’t have to have
parental consent to be granted an abortion. In addition, a doctor can refuse to
refer a woman for an abortion therefore how easily accessible are abortions?

was my choice of topic as it is an interest of mine. Another reason being it is
very broad and wide topic which can be explored deeply and thoroughly as many
people have mixed opinions and views on abortions as it is an extremely global
issue with many perspectives involved, such as that abortions shouldn’t be
legal at all, that abortions should only be given in extreme circumstances, or
the abortion should be open to all people of any age.

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is ‘advocating the legal right of a woman to choose whether or not she will
have an abortion’ (1), which many people are in favour of. For example, in
October 2015, 49% voted for pro-choice and 6% claimed that they had mixed
opinions or no opinion (2).

example that people may support the pro-choice argument is because the abortion
procedure is very safe, this is because medical abortions have a very low risk
(0.5%) of having serious effects on the mother, they don’t affect the woman’s
future fertility and in addition, won’t cause any problems that link to health
(3). This safety of abortions and making them widely available will prevent
issues such as illegal abortions, which are carried out around 20million time
per annum. They have the impacts of the woman having to go through surgery of
some sort, becoming permanently infertile or in extreme cases death, which has
been recorded as happening 68,000 times. This may be because the conditions
that the illegal abortions are performed under are typically very unclean and
don’t involve the correct surgical equipment, such as the ‘coat hanger’
abortion. Abortions are going to occur 


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