Abdirahman AbdirahmanHist_1150Ch.25 (What was the “New Imperialism”?) The new imperialism underlined the economic and technological transformation in Western Society’s. Europeans began colonizing Africa and Asia by using military force to take over local government to search for new markets and raw materials.

The main reasons for the new imperialism had to with the economic, political, and religious motives of European super powers.To begin with economic motives played an important role in the extension of political empires. European nations such as Great Britain were losing their industrial leadership and faced tough competition in foreign markets. There was a fear that other colonial countries would seal their empires with high tariffs, and that future economic opportunities would be lost indefinitely.  Countries in the west wanted to take control over the markets in the new conquered territories.(p 677 -679)Secondly politics was anot her big reason that lead to the new imperialism. Europeans wanted not only to grow their colonies, but also wanted to showcase their military strength and exercise their superiority over other countries.

Conservative political leaders often manipulated colonial issues in order to divert popular attention from domestic conflicts and create a false sense of national unity. Europeans also wanted the man power to help establish themselves as world powers. Europeans leaders justified imperialism that superior races have a right to civilize inferior races. They also wanted to spread their language, customs, flags and other resources.

(p677 – 680)Additionally the European super powers wanted spread their (Christian) religion throughout the world. Religious Europeans believed they had a moral responsibility to civilize primitive people, this responsibility was known as the white man’s burden. In Africa they competed with Islam, seeking converts and building schools. They were successful in spreading Christianity in some parts of Africa, but failed miserable in the Islamic world and much in Asia.(p 680 – 681)In Conclusion the New Imperialism transformed western societies. After the 19th century Europe increased the need for raw materials, and markets, and with it came a rush to create or enlarge vast political empires abroad. Europeans wanted to establish themselves as world powers.

Europeans also wanted to spread Christianity and educate their colonized populations. Last but not least Europeans had a strong economic, political, and religious motives to use new imperialism. (677- 691)


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