ABDOLLY EXERCISESTheAb Dolly is an exciting fitness apparatus that produces movements in numerous directionstherefore utilizes many different muscle groups at a time and maximizing yourresults. These movements have been identified by various hard-corefitness instructors and aerobics as the most suitable ways to strengthen, trainand tone your abs, your shoulders, hips and legs.

The ab dolly can be used toperform various levels of exercises depending on your fitness level. With the wide range of motion it produces, you canselect your own exercises, tone your abs however you desire and derive an overallgood-looking, toned abs. 1.      AB DOLLY KNEE ROLL OUT This is an upper body exercisethat is performed while kneeling and focuses mainly on your abdominal musclesand lower back. Excellent for strengthening the core musclesSTEPS:-         Place the ab dolly on the floor in front of you-         While kneeling, place your forearms on the dolly-          Slowly rollforward going as far as you can while keeping your spine straight-         Hold position for 2 seconds, then while you returnto original position.-          CAUTION:-         Includean exercise mat or knee pad to cushion your knees-         Watch outfor pain in your abs and reduce the roll out distance as appropriate-         During theexercise, do not curve your back. Always tighten your stomach muscles.

–         Avoidsetting off movement with your shoulders. TIPS:-         Try toinhale while rolling forward and exhale while returning to starting position-         Attemptmoving in all types of direction to stimulate your entire abs for example tryrolling back and forth to the right and left while keeping your upper bodycentered. –         You canalso start by pushing towards your left, returning to start position, then pushforward and return to start position and then push right and return to startposition ( this is called the three way roll out)2.      ABDOLLY PLANK TO PIKES This exercise focuses on your abdominal musclesas well as your triceps, your shoulders and lats. STEPS:-         Start inthe plank position by placing your forearms on the ab dolly, with your elbowsdirectly beneath your shoulders and keep your feet hip-wide from each other.-         Lift yourentire body on your toes while keeping it in a straight line form yourshoulders to your ankles –         Tightenyour abdominal muscle and gently raise your hips in the air while rollingbackwards-         Keep yourhips as high as possible until you can feel yourself folded into an inverted  v shape-         Pause forabout 2 seconds and then slowly lower back into the starting position.CAUTION:-         Try tohold your shoulder blades down without allowing them to lift up-         Ensure yousqueeze in your navel to engage a strong core and maintain stability-         Avoid curvingyour back or bending your knees3.

      ABDOLLY KNEE TUCKThis exercise is designed to target yourentire core, your butt and your quads. Somewhat similar to the plank to pikesbut simpler. STEPS:-         Kneelon the ab dolly ad place your hands shoulder-width apart on the floor.-         Squeezein your abs and keep your back straight –         While inhaling,pull the ab dolly forward by bringing your knew towards your chest-         Maintainposition for 2 seconds-         Then pushback towards starting position while exhalingCAUTION: –         Avoid curvingyour back or bending your arms-         Be sureto tighten your abs like you are sucking it into your spineTIPS:-         Exploreother directions by extending your arms to left instead of directly in front ofyou and then pushing the ab dolly back and forth with your knee. Repeat samewhile keeping your arms towards the right.

4.      ABDOLLY WALKING PLANKThis exerciseis really exciting and one you would always want to include in your dailyroutine. It strengthens your core and ensures stability. STEPS:- Startby placing your toes on the ab dolly and your hands extended on the floor infront of you.- Tightenyour abs and lift your hips upward while keeping your back straight-With yourhands, walk across the room moving the ab dolly with you – Walkyour desired distance and return to starting positionCAUTION:-         Ensure youtighten your abs and avoid bending your back-         Be sureyou have enough room to move about and keep dangerous equipment away to avoidtrippingTIPS:-         Walk indifferent directions to engage the entire abdominal muscles5.

      ABDOLLY OBLIQUE TUCKThis issimilar to the knee tuck but deeply engages your muscle and trains muscles forstability.STEPS:-         Place yourfeet on the dolly and set yourself in the plank position (keep your elbowsdirectly under your shoulder while keeping your back straight)-         Roll thedolly forward by bringing up your knees in towards your right elbow first-         Hold fora second and roll back to starting position-         Then stayanother second, then roll forward towards left elbow-         Extend backtowards the plank positionCAUTION:-         Ensure yourupper body is kept straight and avoid bending your back-         Inhale whileyou roll in and exhale while going back to starting positionTIPS:-         Practisebreathing in through your nose and out from your mouth.ADDITIONAL TIPS.

–         It is advised that each ab dolly exercise be performedstarting with a duration of 30 seconds or two sets of 10 repetitions and thenincreasing the duration and adding more sets as muscles become strengthened andproperly trained-         Exercisesshould be done in athletic shoes andcomfortable light clothing. Avoid exercising barefoot. –         Examine your ab dollyproperly before use and ensure all the parts are in place and functioning well.-         Stop exercises immediatelyand consult your doctor if you feel any abnormal or excess stress or pain.

–         Design your own regularschedule to exercise with your ab dolly, avoid inconsistency. Note that with just3 minutes a day, you can tone and define your abs, hip, shoulder and armmuscles to be in the best desired shape. –         It is recommended that you start out some of the exercisesby placing your forearms on the ab dolly and as you progress, you can place onlyyour hands. REFERENCE-         www.fitnessequipmentexpress.com/images/pdf//abd001.pdf-         www.livestrong.com/article/141019-exercises-ab-dolly/ 


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