Afamily that emphasizes on hard work is where I grew up. The person who urged meis my mother. She is great at multitasking, the way she managed work as a lecturerof electronics along with taking care of our family was truly inciting. I have spent most of my after-school hours in hercabins or mostly in labs, by watching her working with electrical componentsand networks. By watching all those on daily bases, unknowingly I wasfascinated by electronics.

 For my undergraduatestudies, I have opted for ” Telecommunications Engineering” in Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of technology, Bangalore where I find mydiligent study has brought home to me very strongly, that there is still a vastfield that I must explore and master to achieve my goal of being the best. Thefour years curriculum in Telecommunications Engineering exposed me even to computer coursesthus laying a strong foundation for my fundamentals. Togain more industry exposure, I had attended a vocational training at BharatSanchar Nigam Limited and industry visit to Satish Dhawan Space Centre(SDSC-SHAR), Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh – one of the prime Indian SpaceResearch Organization (ISRO) centre in India. As part of this visit, wehave attended a session about space vehicles and how they will be launched to spacethrough simulation process. Apart from being introduced to a vast network, thetraining laid emphasis on imparting knowledge related to the latesttechnologies and services links.

I visited many work-stations during thisindustrial exposure where I observed how an organization works with thenecessary staffing like managers, employees, officers, workmen, etc. Apartfrom concentrating on my academics, I have always ensured that I participate inother activities in order to gain a complete personality. I was the eventcoordinator for our college and departmental fests where I organized manyevents assigned to me. These fests taught me to execute something withstrategic planning within a stringent frame of time. This also helped meovercome my fear of public speaking, develop leadership skills and hone mycommunication capabilities. I attended the ‘Human skills development’ programin my junior year and this experience has helped me become flexible by nature.

It has made me a people-person and given me the qualities to have harmoniousinterpersonal communications.Thelife changing part of my undergraduate study was final year Project. During my finalyear project in college, I realized the importance of predictions of diseases basedon previous data available. Data Mining and Database Management System have amusedme ever since and I have shown great interest in these subjects.

I have also visitedGKVK campus of University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore regarding myproject and pursued their predictions of diseases. I have also explained tothem how my project could be helpful for weavers and which has been highlyappreciated. This project has driven my interest to pursue Database Management further.Myeducational journey has taught me the skill of being buoyant amidst challenges.I have always bounced back in the face of failure and I keep up my good workirrespective of the outcome. I have gained invaluable insights into my owndefects and have been able to get past them to achieve my ends.

Additionally,the multitasking ability that I have been able to display by managing studies,project work and extracurricular activities, make me a student with goodmanagement skills. Whether it is time, effort or focus, I have learned toprioritize and manage their usage perfectly. This, in turn, makes me a greatplanner who takes calculated risks and brave steps to steer towards the setgoal. Iaspire to graduate in Information Systems to refine my knowledge and skills inmy areas of interest.

I believe it will serve to guide and direct me towards mycareer goal to be an analyst. If given the opportunity to join your InformationSystems program, I will be able to utilize my background in computers, whilelearning additional skills and techniques that will be greatly beneficial to myfuture career development. Modern businesses are heavily reliant on informationsystems, and this is integral to the successful management of an organization.I am eager to explore this field in the presence of the esteemed professors atyour university. 


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