A typical Small Business in the Oil and Gas or Drilling Industry typically doesn’t cover all of the different types of drilling that are possible.

This is a good thing. Most Small Oil and Gas Businesses should find a niche that they are good at and focus on it. Then when one of the bigger companies falls behind on a project, or for any other reason, the small business will be subcontracted to do part of the work.This is an example of the capabilities of a small business I came across the other day.

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CAPABILITIESAUGER – The business has drilled with 4 in. to 14 in. diameter hollow stem augers and with 4 in.

to 22 in. solid stem augers. Auger drilling has extended to depths of more than 200 ft.AIR ROTARY – The business has drilled with 4 in.

to 22 in. diameter air rotary and air hammer bits through soil and rock to depths of more than 700 ft in various geological formations. The business has installed diverter casing and surface casing with diameters of up to 16 in. as part of these projects.DIRECT PUSH – The business has 4 DPT units capable of sampling to depths of 60 to 70 ft if the formation allows. Water samples can also be obtained via several methods (e.g.

, mini bailers, tubing with check balls, peristaltic pump)CORING – The business has air-cored with 5.75 in. diameter core barrels to depths of over 200 ft and has fluid cored with HX and NX diameters up to depths of more than 3,000 ft.

MUD ROTARY – The business has drilled with 6 in. to 14 in. diameter rotary bits to depths of more than 200 ft.MONITOR WELL INSTALLATION – The business has installed 2 in. to 10 in.

diameter wells for both monitor and recovery systems. Well materials comprised of pvc, stainless steel, galvanized steel or carbon steel. Monitor wells have been installed to depths of up to 500 ft.

WELL DEVELOPMENT – The business has developed wells with hand bailers, submersible pumps, and hand pumps. Surge rigs with jetting and surge blocks are also used when required.GROUTING – During surface casing installation, The business has tremie grouted to depths of 500 ft, pressure grouted to depths of 400 ft, and grouted by positive displacement to depths of 450 ft. The business has also pressure grouted subsurface cavities for non-environmental, construction purposes.DECONTAMINATION – The business has performed 5 step and 7 step EPA decontamination procedures on several Superfund and government projects. The procedures usually include scrubbing with non-phosphate detergents, deionized water rinses, deionized organic free water rinses and pesticide grade rinses (isopropanol).

However, most of our projects typically require less rigorous decontamination procedures.PACKER TESTING – The business has performed both double and single packer tests with both constant pressure and flow. Capabilities include diameters from 2.

5 in. to 8 in.LABORATORY TESTING – The business can provide complete geotechnical laboratory testing services for all soil and rock index/classification tests (e.g., Permeability, grain-size analysis, Atterberg Limits, and Proctor density).

Hydraulic conductivity tests are routinely performed per EPA method 9100 – Flexible Wall Permeameter.


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