review by academics at UCL and Goldsmith stated that one in five students, or
15-20% of the population, has a language based learning disability, dyslexia is
the most common of the language based learning disabilities. Meanwhile in the
Philippines in the year 2012, the department of education found that the case of person having dyslexia has
increased dramatically over the last years and only few of them were able to
acquire education up to the secondary level or even graduate from college. Besides
About 5 percent of any age group would have
dyslexia or some other form of learning disability. On the other hand,
dysgraphia is an unfamiliar learning disability and the prevalence of it is
unknown. According to Reynolds (2007), the curency of dysgraphia
is estimated at 5-20% of all students having
some type of writing deficit. In a study done by Overveide (2011)  found  that writing disorders decreased as the age of
the student increased. Approximately, 37% of the students who has dyslexia in
the beginning of the second grade decreased to 17% at the end of the year. This
further decreased as the students progressed to third grade and on. Both
dyslexia and dysgraphia could occur in different countries. Regardless of our
status, race and ethnicity, the chances of having it is equal. In the
Philippines, numerous famous celebrities/politicians are suffering from a
learning disability such as dyslexia. Mayor Benjamin Abalos of Mandaluyong
stated in an interview by Kara David that he is suffering from dyslexia. He has
difficulty reading books when he was a child and he tend to read voraciously in
order to cope up in his academics. Another is Regine Velasquez – Alcasid, a
famous Filipino singer. She admitted in an interview with Jessica Soho that she
has dyslexia and she also experienced bullying when she was a child. Furthermore,
she has difficulty reading her scripts 
and songs however, she is excellent when it comes to memorization.  Lastly, Tom Cruise,  an American actor and producer was also
struggling with dyslexia when he was 14 years old. He did not excelled in
school because of his condition hence his ambition of becoming a priest did not
last long. On the other hand, there were few cases of person with dysgraphia
found. In Virginia, Ronnie Sydney told his difficulties of having dysgraphia.
He is struggling in writing notes and he tend to isolate himself to avoid being
bullied. However, he is an excellent talker, he is good in expressing verbally
and has a good emcee skills. Some people having dyslexia or dysgraphia is
highly successful in their fields. Despite of their difficulties, they tend to
develop their often exceptional gifts. 


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