Day four and five will be for the configuration of the ACS. This will include the setup of the software as well as get the the credentials for the ACS to work only for the specified users. The college will assist in setting up on the user info since the info is already on file with the registrar.

Once all info is set into the server we will begin running a test on the system to test for efficacy. Staff and ACS team can be the only members running a test on the ACS.  Once we have the all clear we will begin issuing the students the access cards. A.    Planned for day three (3) is to start installation on the system. We will need wires for telecom installation either rj6 or rj45 depending on what the existing system is using. We will we be installing card readers on all access doors to and from the dormitory.

Along with and side doors, closets and maintenance rooms. 4.      After we have our visual schematic built we will investigate the existing CCTV system that we must integrate to work in sequence with the ACS. We must also ensure that the existing CCTV equipment is working properly and will integrate with the ACS3.      Once the survey has been completed we will create a visual design of the ACS Create the design of the ACS we will need building schematics for inside and outside of the campus to create a visual diagram.2.

      After the team has been assembled we will begin to survey the grounds to find where to install the card reader and the control panel locations. 1.      The project is expected to take about a week to two weeks max. The first task it to create a team to install the ACS.Tasks The project scope to accurately install Access Control System (ACS) that will automatically unlock the dormitory doors via an electronic proximity reader and must with the existing camera system. The existing security system is designed to face and rotate to record a person as they use their ID card to unlock dormitory doors.

The system will allow for better security at the school only allowing in the allowed students and faculty. The new ACS must not interfere with the already installed security cameras and must completely coincide with them. Project Scope Statement 


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