This document deeply explores the content related to business diversity in publicly accessible web-sites of two world-class, US based construction companies: Barton Malow Company and Turner Construction Company.

This exercise attempts to answer several questions: What are these companies’ stated goals with respect to business diversity? What proof of true commitment to these goals is shown? What proof of real meaningful results is shown? Both Barton Malow and Turner Construction state clear goals with respect to business diversity.The web-sites show that the concept is at the forefront of both companies’ corporate initiatives. More impressively though, both Barton Malow and Turner Construction document and provide proof of their true commitment to diversity goals. Concrete examples regarding both diversity rich employment and use of M/WBE contractors are widely evident. There is no question that business diversity is not “necessary evil” with these companies.

Both Barton Malow and Turner Construction clearly view robust business diversity initiatives as good business practices. IntroductionConstruction has long been known and even stereotyped as a “good ol’ boys” type industry. An industry where if you aren’t a white male, you don’t fit in. This document seeks comment on that sterotype by taking a very small sampling of the industry, and exploring deeply the business diversity philosophy via publicly accessible company web-sites. Furthermore, to focus not only on the surface level information, or the information, “they want us to read. ” But to focus on other, more subtle web content that may or may not point to a deep, legitimate commitment to business diversity goals.Barton Malow Company, a large Michigan based contractor with a significant US footprint, and Turner Construction Company, a very large New York based contractor with a significant global footprint were chosen as the two companies to be researched. These company web-sites were looked at in depth in an effort to answer two questions: What are these companies’ stated goals with respect to business diversity? What proof of true commitment to these goals is shown? What proof of real meaningful results is shown?A brief overview of both companies is given to help bring context to the more in depth diversity discussion.

Interestingly, both Barton Malow and Turner Construction, put the “good ol’ boys” stereotype to rest. Both companies show both a strong stated commitment and goals related to diversity as well as strong, inarguable proof of that commitment through other web-listed business characteristics and statistics. Barton Malow Company – Overview Barton Malow Company is a predominately family owned, privately held construction firm that was founded in 1924.Based in Southfield, Michigan, Barton Malow has nine other regional offices throughout the United States and recently opened its first international office in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Producing more than 1. 7 billion dollars in revenue annually, Barton Malow is consistently ranked among the nation’s top 50 contractors.

Barton Malow focuses their work in five niche markets: Automotive/Industrial, Energy, Healthcare, Education, and Sports/Entertainment. By maintaining a strict discipline on the type of work they take on, Barton Malow is able to continually build and refine their expertise.This philosophy has led them to become one of the top ten contractors in the nation in each of their niche markets. Within the aforementioned niche markets, Barton Malow offers a variety of construction related services: Construction Management, Design/Build, Program Management, General Contracting, Architecture/Design, Building Information Modeling, Technology, Preconstruction, and self-perform Concrete, Interiors, and Rigging/Millwright services. Barton Malow employs more than 1,200 full-time professional staff including literally hundreds of engineers and architects.In addition to the professional staff, Barton Malow consistently employs more than 500 union craft-workers.

This large contractual building trades work-force makes Barton Malow the single largest employer of trade labor in the state of Michigan. Led for the past 20 plus years by Chairman, President, and CEO Ben Maibach III, Barton Malow solidly stands behind its mission statement: We Build Excellent Solutions, as well as corporate values focusing on Leadership, Commitment, and Integrity. Barton Malow Company – Diversity Philosophy A thorough review of Barton Malow’s website, www.bartonmalow. com, shows not only an on the surface, lip service type investment in business diversity, but more accurately a deep rooted and fundamental investment in business diversity that produces results. Results not only found in the community, but on the balance sheet as well. Executive Vice President, Tom Porter is quoted, “Business Diversity has long been recognized as an important corporate priority at Barton Malow. It is smart business for our company, helpful to our customers, and vital to the communities on which we depend.

” The topic of business diversity takes up a surprisingly large percentage of Barton Malow’s online content. This includes one of the major headings under the seemingly main tab entitled, “Overview. ” Diversity is listed on the same tier as other traditionally important corporate initiatives like, “Mission Statement”, “Environmental”, “Quality”, “History”, and “Community Involvement”. Furthermore the website doesn’t shy from the stereotypical black-eyes of business diversity. In fact, the main diversity page comes right out and reads,”It’s not about politics.

It’s not about quotas. And, it’s not about race or gender. It’s about the development of M/WBE’s in the construction industry. ” A clear, concise, and strong business diversity policy is easily found and signed by Ben Maibach III. It lists three goals of the policy: 1. To establish beneficial relationships with M/WBE firms that will enhance their growth and development.

2. To improve the communities in which we operate. 3. To enhance the competitive position of Barton Malow Company.Other impressive web-site features which further prove Barton Malow’s long-standing commitment to business diversity include: Turner Construction Company, founded in 1902 is one of the oldest and largest privately held construction companies in the world. Based in New York, New York, Turner Construction has more than 25 regional offices spread throughout the United States and a steady presence in more than 12 countries around the world.

Turner Construction produces revenues in excess of 8. 5 billion dollars annually. These numbers make it one of our nation’s top five builders.Turner Construction takes on projects in many market segments. Some of the markets that Turner has recently completed large volume projects on include: Aviation, Healthcare, Higher Education, K-12 Education, High-Rise Commercial, Homeland Security, Industrial, Justice, Pharmaceutical, Public Assembly, and Sports. Turner Construction’s large size and innovative approach have resulted in two atypical offerings that add value for their clients: Turner Casualty & Surety offering low insurance to their clients with high mutual risk mitigation.Turner Logistics offering the direct buy leverage that only few construction companies in the world can compete with directly to their clients.

In all the various market segments that Turner Construction works in, they are able to provide a wide range of services which include: Preconstruction Consulting, Program Management, Project Management, Construction Management, Design/Build, Design/Build/Finance, General Contracting, Facility Services, and Multiple Building Programming, and self-perform Interiors.Turner Construction employs nearly 6,000 full-time staff across more than 1,600 projects each year. They are steadily recognized as a “Best Place to Work” company by Building Design and Construction Magazine and Turner Construction is constantly searching for young technically educated talent at colleges and universities across the country. Led by President and CEO Peter Davoren, Turner Construction maintains a very strong foot-hold in construction markets across the world.With a healthy respect for it’s past, Turner Construction often reminds that founder Henry Turner referred to clients as “respected friends” throughout his career. Since that time, Turner has built its business around corporate values focusing on Integrity, Teamwork, and Commitment.

Turner Construction Company – Diversity Philosophy An in-depth look into Turner Construction’s website, www., shows they too have not only a strong surface-level, public relations presentation of business diversity, but a long-standing, real, and deep-rooted commitment to the concepts and principles behind business diversity.Like Barton Malow, Turner Construction keeps diversity in easily viewed and navigated portions of the web-site and states one clear business diversity objective: “…

to increase the visibility, improve the economic viability, and expand opportunities for the utilization of these businesses. “


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