A fifteen-year-oldIrish immigrant from Massachusetts hanged herself two days before the wintercotillion dance at her school because she was cyberbullied. A seventeen-year-oldhigh school student from Kentucky took her life after receiving threateningmessages on her MySpace account. A high sophomore from Texas hung himself inhis family’s backyard following ongoing cyberbullying. In September 2010, aneighteen-year-old college student threw himself off a bridge after embarrassingpictures of him were spread throughout his account by some anonymous hacker.

All these are true stories that happened lately; caused by cyber-bullying.Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that occurs when someone anonymous sendsharmful and threatening texts. Also, harassment, blackmailing, and the spreadof offensive rumours all occur through cyberbullying. It is mostly there tomake the victim feel sad, depressed, scared, and leads to suicide attempts.

This is a growing issue worldwide and especially in schools. Therefore, notonly parents, police, and the FBI, but also schools should be involved infighting against cyber-bullying by helping the victims to stand up forthemselves and teaching students what’s right and wrong.          Recent studies show that most studentswho are bullied are too afraid to say something or do something about it. In arecent national bullying survey, 50% of the young people said they havewitnessed cyber-bullying and 42% have been threatened and unsafe online.

Cyber-bullying can happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it can spread orgo viral very fast. That being the case, school officials should get involvedin this tragedy. They can help victims stand up for themselves by giving themhope, by standing by them, by teaching them to fear nothing but God, by settinggood examples, etc… As a result, the victim’s level of confidence andself-esteem would soar.          There are, indeed, many harsh andsevere effect of cyber-bullying on victims such as; low self-esteem, withdrawalfrom family and friends, refusal to go to school, changing appearance to tryand fit in, self-harm, a change in personality i.e.

anger, depression, crying,withdrawn etc… And, sometimes cyber-bullying can often lead to committingsuicides. So, parents, would you want your innocent kids to go through all thiscruelty and feel threatened? To be afraid? Well, schools are important to givea hand and aid by setting what’s right and wrong and that any form of bullyingis a total crime. 20% of all children and young adults indicate fear of cyberbullies     and made them reluctant toattend school.

5% reported self-harm. 3% reported an attempt of suicide as a directresult of cyberbullying.          Because cyber-bullying is connected tosuicide attempts, it is mandatory for the FBI, parents, as well as schools to interfere.

Additionally, 1.18 million victims were being cyber-bullied and committed suicidelater because of many reasons, and one of them is that the school didn’t helpin anything.          Many people say: “schools have nothingto do with what a kid does or what they say. It is the parent’s responsibilityto deal with their child. The person being bullied should talk to his/herparents and then the parents should talk to the parents of the bully to sortthings out, that is if they found who the anonymous bully is.

” It is true thatit’s the parent’s responsibility, yet, matter fact, the parents have to havemany areas and people to support the victim; and that is one of their responsibilitiestoo. Plus, approaching the bullies or the parents of the bully could be risky;as it may increase tormenting of the victim out of revenge.          Moreover, others may also say: “most cyberbullies do not commit it at school, so why does the school need to interfere?”That’s also true; however, maybe the anonymous bully is in another school thatdoesn’t set what’s right and wrong; and the bully is ignorant. That’s whyschools should interfere and if they can’t help a victim, there is always hope forhelping the bully to come out to his/her senses; to prevent from cyber-bullyingnext victims. For example, a true story of a girl that committed suicidebecause of being cyber-bullied. After her death, her parents showed he messagesand the bully turned out to be in the same school.          In conclusion, cyber-bullying is rifeon social medias, and it includes sending hurtful texts or instant messages,posting embarrassing and mean photos or videos, and the spread of rumors online.Consequently, schools must be obligated to get in the way of cyber-bullying notonly by setting what’ right and wrong, but also helping raise the victim’s self-esteem.

Let our schools be the change in our kids. Let the schools be in the way ofcrush, cruelty, ad content. Let our schools be the role model.


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