Acritical success factor for apple’s overall strategy is to maintain marketshare in mobile phone market.

¬† A leadingindicator for this critical success factor is the number of phones owned todayand who is the producer of the phones. This information has to be purchasedfrom the cellular service providers. Once obtained, Apple can compare thepercentage of phones that are Apple vs. their competitors (Android, Windows,Etc.). This number represents Apple’s current market share.¬†Applehas to monitor market share to see if consumers are moving to a differentproduct or if competitors are gaining ground on new phone owners. Thisinformation is lagging indicators that are critical to monitoring apple’smarket share.

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Market share for apple is an important key performance indicatorbased on their strategy but not the most important. Minor fluctuations can benormal in market share so this can’t be the only indicator of an issue. Bydoing an analysis on the history of market share can determine what a normalfluctuation in a month vs. an indicator of a market trend. For this assignment,let’s assume the history analysis predicts that a 1% drop in market share overa month is an indicator for market share trend. So the most important KPIrelated to company’s objectives is a loss of 1% market share over 1 month. Anothercritical success factor for apple’s overall strategy is to maintain a positiveview with their customers in product innovation.

To do this, the leadinginformation needed is text mining of blogs and social media data to deriveconsumer sentiment. This sentiment is to measure how consumers feel about thecompany products overall and as features are released. This business analystfunction would monitor positive sentiment vs. negative sentiment. OneKPI for this business analytic function is the % of negative sentiment forcurrent ios (operating system). This data is leading information that is use tomake sure consumers are positive. Some people are just always negative, so wehave to identify what is an indicator of a trend.

Performing analysis onhistory of iOS sentiment shows that 10% of the people on average have anegative view. So, this is our critical KPI for the company when negativesentiment increases over 10% after the release of a new iOS version. Sentimentdata after the release of a new iOS is considered lagging information.


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