A meeting is held at ouruniversity about the discussion of the recently given budget by the government.Is this meeting all the expenses of university are discussed. Mr.

John tellsabout the student’s problems and their needs and also the problems of hostelliving students and gives the list of all needs. In this Mr. Harry gives thedescription about the student’s fee and their loan facility. Mr.

Henry givesthe details about all expenses of university and Mr. Smith gives the list ofall library books which should be needed. Also he gave the expenses about thenet facility in library.

Ø Members of meeting:§  Head of department of CS department §  Head of department of Electricaldepartment §  Head of department of IME department §  Head of department of Mechanical department§  Principal§  Faculty members§  Transport headØ Budget:Government gave 3 lac and50 thousand to the university in which all the expenses of university shouldmeet.Ø Purpose of meeting:Principal call themeeting for discussing the important needs of university and transport relatedall needs. Though, given money is not enough but we have to complete allexpenses in this.  Introduction: The aim of this projectis to develop an online system for university management system. This system isonline which can be accessed throughout the university and outside as well. Andanyone can get any sort of information.

There is login page to access thesystem. There will be LMS which can only access teachers and students. Studentscan get their fee details and grades at that LMS and teachers can add the marksheet at that. In this system we also provide the details about admissions,updating our systems, and anyone could also get information regarding thestudies and facilities etc. transport and hostel facility is also available andtheir description we would tell in this system.  Purpose of project: The purpose of thisproject is to give a description of how to use the software techniques in the managementsystem for university. In this we also analyze the requirements of software andalso quality assurance. We also give the description of risk analysis for thissoftware.

The main purpose of thisproject is to make interaction between students, teachers and their parents aswell. This project is web based and it can be access from anywhere and any onecan get information for this. This project mange the fee process, alldepartment’s time table, library system and also the faculty’s pay and their duties.In this we also use different modeling for the better understanding of users.  Scope: The scope of theuniversity management system includes the following functionality:§  If all the management system will bethe web base then there will be minimum chances of getting error.§  It would be more convenient §  It is more easy to use§  Storing and retrieving of any kind ofinformation will be easy§  Our work would be done in time§  Speed will be fast          Features:§  It is user friendly§  It takes very small paper effort.

§  Easily created the reports.          Process Modeling:The process model we usein our project “University Management system” is Spiral model.Ø Spiral Model:It contains the combiningelements of both the design and prototyping. As this model contains all thefeatures of both waterfall model and prototyping model so we select this in ourproject. And also my project is complicated, large and expensive so we preferthis model for our project. This model uses many of the simple phases of waterfallmodel, but in the same order it is different from waterfall by planning, riskassessment, in prototyping building and also simulations.

  Usage: This model uses in largeprojects, applications and systems which are built-in tiny segments and phases. Advantages:§  As important issues discussed earlierso estimation becomes more realistic as the work precedes.§  Early association of developers.§  Risks can be mange and the system isdeveloped in phase.Disadvantages:§  Cost high and time need to reach thefinal state/product.§  To evaluate the risks special skillsneed and also for assumption.§  Highly customized limitingre-usability.

            Team structure of the project:Management of the organizationdecides the best team structure for a project. We will use the centralizationorganization design in our project. As in centralization organizationdesign the top manager manage/control the all other sub-managers whose level islow from the top so we prefer this design. Also centralization organizationdesign is usually use in management systems. As in our university managementproject there is always a dean/head of the university who takes theresponsibility of other department heads and also all other faculty membersduties. Closed paradigm:   We use the close paradigm in ourproject because it construct the team along a habitually ladder of authority.   This is similar to the centralizedorganization design.   When making of software which isquite similar to past efforts this team works efficiently.

   The work of this project is orderlyperform by the whole team.      Decision tree for Classificationof University Data:This is an interactional diagram. Ø Classification of data for university guidance:o  Planned for public disclosure?You should have to ask yourself§  Is the data taken from an open/publicsource?§  Do I have to give the data inpublic-reachable location?§  Is there something secret in thedata?o  Is the data occurs a safety risk?If the data wascoincidentally reveal, is it impact a risk on personal safety? Some of theexamples are here below§  The outlook of people living underthe politically unbalanced region.

§  Details of actions and culprit ofcrime.o  Is there any sensitive data in thedata?This part contains§  Data that establish things§  Issues material which includes:ü Activist or arsonist relatedmaterials.ü Trade secrets or profit marginso  Is the sensitive personal dataincludes?It may contains thefollowing§  Race-related origin§  Spiritual, faith and similar opinion.§  Bodily or psychologically condition,o  Have there any morally issuesattached to the data?You should have to questionyourself§  Is there any type of data that couldbe harmful, disrespectful or un acceptable to the people?         Specific Requirements:Ø Functional Requirements:The basic facility thatthis system provides includes:§  In the department new student entry§  In the department new staff entry§  Information about attendance ofstudents and staff§   Details of marks obtained in exams §  Report of every student performance§  Overall class performance details§  Provide password to the admin to add, delete or update the systemØ Non-functional Requirements:o Performance requirements§  It should be easy to handle thesystem§  Performance results should be thatwhich are expected§  Small time of responseo Security requirements§  Data based development should besecured.§  Only admin can modify the data andall others only can access or retrieve the data for data base.o Safety requirementsAs due to some virus thedata base may get crashed at any time so take the data base backup.

              Interfaces:Ø Hardware interface:§  Intel Pentium 4 processors and otherhigh processors.§  1.5 GHz or 1.5 GHz octa-core§  RAM of 512MB Ø Software interface:§  Windows XP, Windows 7,8,8.1enterprise build 9600§  Platform: Uppaal.


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