One day, when I suddenly woke up early in the morning, quite strange thoughts came to my mind. They were all about my past, present, and future: what I am doing in this world, what the purpose of my life is, and how I can achieve success in order to be happy and worthy of some praise.

I have spent for 10 years in the Air Forces, and now, everything is so strange to me and even difficult to comprehend from time to time. My thoughts about past and future become closely connected to higher education and its importance for civilian world and military environment. For this very period of time, all I get is 10 years of Air Forces and my Bachelor’s; the point is that I am the oldest among the siblings of my family and the only one, who does not have a degree. This fact makes me worthless for my family, and it becomes more and more difficult to find a good job in the civilian world. This is why the desire to get my Master’s and, with time, to be proud of getting a PhD is the only thing I am concerned with right now. Lewis (2003) writes that the military environment is one of those spheres of life that is always changing, this is why lots of soldiers’ skills have to be improved from time to time (p.

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47). So, it is not a secret that higher education becomes more and more significant for any person, who wants to learn and know more, get a good job, and earn enough money to provide own family with the necessary financial support. For a military person, as I am, such issues as responsibility for own family, ability to help parents and relatives, and compliance with the existed environment are considered to be the major ones. The military gave me a chance to comprehend each of these issues on a deeper level and be ready to cope with any obstacle on my way to success. Without any doubts, higher education has certain influence on understanding the world, the relations between people, and the abilities to cope with any possible challenges. If a person wants to be able to solve problems on a proper level, support other people and be sure about the support of society, higher education is the thing that plays a significant role here. The major point concerning the matter of higher education of the 21st century is mass access.

People have a variety of chances to enlarge their level of knowledge on technologies and innovations, which help to improve work, services, and life in general. This is why, due to higher education, my understanding of the 21st century is quite clear – technologies rule this world, and it is necessary to be properly educated in order to be aware of all those innovations and professional technologies. My achievements in the military career will certainly help me choose the best way for study: I am ready to evaluate the situation and comprehend the significance of the chance to be taught. I already have my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Admin from Grantham University. My GPA is 3.5. But it is not the limit of my abilities, because army showed me several more ways to achieve better results.

Nowadays, the situation with economy is so confused, this is why lots of people just cannot find the best solution of the existed problems. This is why higher education can help me comprehend the essence of economy, analyze the reasons of possible declines, and offer new methods to improve the economical situation in the country. Proper training, smart teachers, and reliable sources of information – all this will certainly make my education really successful. People cannot live without education, specially if they want it most of all. I, as no one else, want to get the necessary level of knowledge, and education on each level, intellectual, moral, and even physical is a good start for future career (Spencer 2008, 56). It is by means of proper education knowledge and information may be received by a person and spread through the whole world. Poorly educated person gets fewer chances to realize all the beauties of this world.

It is like to live in a room with all windows open, but still, do not have a possibility to enjoy fresh air and birds’ singing. Our world has to be changed considerably in order to provide our generations with safe future. Children have to have a chance to live, enjoying each detail of this world. And my poor level of knowledge should not be on their way. I know that I have to get this education in order to learn the subject, become a professional, earn enough money, and provide my children with a chance to study this world as I want to do it right now. It is also necessary to admit that in the military environment, higher education is of great importance as well. People, who have military practice, know for sure how to plan their time and evaluate their abilities to cope with challenges of higher education, and I am one of these people.

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