Asupernatural being is the machinery to any revenge tragedy. The ghost ofHamlets father comes to tell him the identity of the killer.

The ghost isprimarily connected with the motif of revenge. The prince is influenced verystrongly by the ghost of the dead king to take revenge upon Claudius who has risento the throne by foul means and whose guilt has gone unseen by everyone, Hamletlearns that his father’s death happened from his Uncles plan to murder him sohe can be King. The ghost tells hamlet it is his duty to take revenge uponClaudius and because law and justice cannot punish the crime, hamlets proceedsto take revenge in spite of what’s happened.

“And so I am revenged?  That would be scann’d: a villain kills myfather; and for that, I, his sole son, do this same villain send to heaven” (Shakespeareand Copping 2009, pp59) From this quote when can see Hamlet is taking on theduty to get revenge on his uncle for killing the King, his change of mind hasbeen influenced by his encounter with his father’s ghost and this is the firsttime in the play we see the theme of revenge appear. 


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