A teen with more than half a million Instagram followers is revealing the ugly truth behind her social media images that display “a perfect life”.Essena O’Neill, 19, said she was paid up to $2,000 for posts, which show her posing with products and often in revealing positions.With more than 600,000 followers on Instagram and 260,000 on YouTube, Ms O’Neill has deleted many of her original photos and re-captioned others with more honest descriptions.”Not real life — took over 100 in similar poses trying to make my stomach look good. Would have hardly eaten that day. Would have yelled at my little sister to keep taking them until I was somewhat proud of this.

Yep so totally #goals,” one of her posts now reads.”I have created an image of myself that I think others feel is unattainable, others look at as a role model, others look at as some type of ‘perfect human’,” she announced in her video.”I get people saying every day on my Tumblr or on Instagram …

‘I wish I was you’.”Lately I’ve realised how horrible that is. For someone to follow my content and think I wish I was you, that is the opposite of what I want to promote.”Social Media can be very dangerous to the health of kids.

They see the perfect pictures filling Instagram stars’ accounts and aspire to be like them. We can never be as perfect as a staged and edited picture that is designed for “perfection.” This has a very negative effect on people especially kids. Kids who see unrealistic bodies or faces or clothing — especially on folks they admire — can feel inadequate as a result. In fact, several studies have shown that reading women’s fashion magazines or looking at images of models has a negative effect on women’s and girls’ self-esteem.

Even photos of friends on Instagram or Snapchat are too perfect, thanks to flattering filters and selfie-editing tools.Next time you see a “perfect” looking photo on Instagram, take it with a grain of salt and know that they are no more perfect than you.


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