lot of people are brave for different reasons, most people associate Harriet Tubman
with being an African American slave in Maryland. But
she was a lot more than just a slave, she
became the most famous leader of the underground railroad (World Book,1990 p.480). In
1820 Araminta Ross, Moses,
or Harriet Tubman whichever you knew her as, was born into slavery by her parents Harriet Green
and Benjamin Ross in Dorchester County, Maryland (Harriet tubman.org). Back in the 1800’s it wouldn’t be a surprise for an African
American person to be influential. But for an African American woman to have a very important role
in that time period was almost unheard of.


 Slavery filled the nation in the 19th
century. African
Americans were seen and treated like they were a piece of property. Harriet Tubman was all too
familiar with the reality of slavery. In 1933 Harriet Tubman was struck in the
head with a metal weight and was injured.

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She started having seizures and she
would black out. Unfortunately,
this would affect her for the rest of her life.

 Harriet Tubman also started having dreams that
god was trying to communicate with her. It was her belief in god that gave her the courage to lead the
slaves to freedom. She had married John Tubman in 1844
who was a free African American man (pbs.org)





In 1894 Harriet Tubman’s master had died and she decided to escape
slavery. she used the underground railroad to escape to Philadelphia. The underground
Railroad was nothing but secret routs, meeting places, passageways and safe
houses that was used by slaves. The safe houses would provide the slaves with
food and shelter (pathways.think) until it was safe to continue on the underground
railroad. But the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 but a dangerous factor to play.


Before the law was put into act if a slave had escaped
successfully and made it to free land, they were safe. But once the Fugitive
Slave Law of 1850 was put into act, slave owners were allowed to recapture
their slaves. Also, anybody who got caught hiding or helping slaves was going
to face consequences. Which would have put a lot of people at risk besides the
slaves who were running away. After this law was put into act it would have
been extremely dangerous for Harriet Tubman to even think about going back and
forth to Maryland just to rescue those that were enslaved.


 At a point in time
Harriet Tubman’s reward money was $40,000 for the south if she was found and
captured. (pbs) She could have just escaped, never looked back
and moved on with her life but she didn’t. Instead she used the skills that
were taught to her by her father to return to Maryland and help other slaves
escape to freedom. That’s
extremely brave, I couldn’t even imagine going back once I had already escaped successfully.
Also, you risk getting caught, if I escape once without anybody realizing, I
defiantly would not want to go back and risk my safety and possibly my life
multiple times.


            Not only did she just go back once she went back a total
of 19 times. She was never caught nor did she lose a slave
on route. Not a lot of people can say they helped slaves
escape to freedom without being caught.  If a slave was caught running away the
consequences are unfortunate. Sometimes they were sold,
severely beaten or they could even be killed.  As the years went on with her rescuing slaves
from plantations, she eventually moved to Auburn, New York, which is a lot
closer to the Canadian border.


of the Fugitive Slave Law, some runaway slaves wouldn’t
be considered safe or free until they were at the Canadian border. she
went back and forth to rescue captured slaves until 1861. If that wasn’t enough for her in 1862
she had offered her services to the Union Army which was a part of the civil
war. Harriet Tubman had many roles and
jobs in the civil war. She was a cook, she nursed the injured, and she was also
a spy. She had recruited a lot of former
slaves to hunt for camps called rebel camps and to report on the movement of
the confederate troops.

In June of 1863 Harriet Tubman and
Colonel James Montgomery rescued 700 slaves along the Combahee river.




Throughout her life Harriet Tubman
had done some brave things. She is a very important part of history because of
all the things she has done. Risking your life multiple times just to escape slavery,
going back and forth to rescue other slaves, being one of the only African
American women to work alongside men to be a part of the civil war. Not
everybody can say that they were a part of something that made a breakthrough in


Despite having an injury as a child
that caused her to have seizures and black out for the rest of
her life, she still made it a priority of hers to rescue slaves and lead them
to freedom. Because of Harriet Tubman’s courage, it inspired many other people
and events. She got the names “Moses” and “General Tubman” because of her
leadership skills and for all her bravery. There were hundreds of slaves during
that time period, and any one of them could have done what she did, but not one
slave did what she did. She was the only one who risked her life to make a


She took the first steps into getting slavery
abolished, also being a part of the civil war was another big step. Even
Frederick Douglass said, “Excepting John Brown – of scared memory – I know of
no one who has willingly encountered more perils and hardships to serve out
enslaved people other than Harriet Tubman” (pbs) also John Brown once said that
“Harriet Tubman was one of the bravest persons on the continent”. (pbs) So it
is not just my opinion that she is a brave person and important person,
multiple people have made this statement throughout history. Because of Harriet
Tubman’s bravery, a lot more slaves would have died due to the harsh slavery conditions.


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