A tragic event could happen to someone, such as a parent being killed in front of them, which could lead them to being traumatized and more violent. Seeing someone you love being killed right in front of your eyes could change your whole view on life. “Estrada killed Laura and fled the scene, leaving the two brothers, Dexter and Brian, sitting in the blood of their mother and the other victims for two full days. This horrific event forever traumatized both boys”(Salvatore). Seeing their mother being murdered right in front of them traumatized them for life. From seeing their mom being killed they wanted revenge. They also grew up without their biological parents, but they had parents who adopted them, so those are all factors of the boys turning into serial killers. Neither of these boys were born evil. “Dexter emotionally shut down for the next 30 years, even though he had no conscious recollection of the tragedy. These two childhoods ended tragically early, leading to the creation of two serial killers”(Salvatore). The boys were damaged emotionally. Studies also show that a death of a parent can resolve into the child having mental problems, so in this case the boys turned into serial killers. If the environment allows people to do violent things, people may be more inclined to follow through with their violent tendencies. The Stanford Prison Experiment is a great justification of this idea. This experiment shows how people are treated like inmates that drives them insane and do things they wouldn’t normally do. It also shows how the guards feel so empowered that they drive the inmates to also do the things they normally would not do. “Most of the guards found it difficult to believe that they had behaved in the brutalizing ways that they had. Many said they hadn’t known this side of them existed or that they were capable of such things”(McLeod). The guards acted this way because the environment they were in allowed them to act this way. They belittled the inmates because they were told to do so. They were all older men in college, so they obviously were not born evil or taught to treat people this way. They were given power and instruction to treat the inmates like they would not be bothered by it. “One night shift MP, Ken Davis, later reported how dehumanization had been bred into their thinking: ‘As soon as we’d have prisoners come in, sandbags on their head…You start looking at these people as less than human, and you start doing things to ’em that you would never dream of'”(Think you’re above doing evil? Think again). Looking at someone like they are less than you and treating someone less than you are can just as evil as taking act in an evil crime.


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