Shrek is a computer-animated film also it is a fairy tale but there is only one thing wrong with it’s, not a conventional fairy tale.

Many things are different in Shrek then in normal fairy tales in this essay, I am going to explain the many differences between them both. Computer made the entire movie and the characters are life like. Taking you through a few of the characters Princess Fiona is the heroine in this, Shrek is the hero, Donkey is the sidekick (valiant steed) and Lord Farquaad is the evil villain.

Shrek had used many characters from other fairy tales such as Magic Mirror from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” but they aren’t normal there very different with a bit of humour in them not like in conventional fairy tales where they are serious e. g. Big Bad Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. Shrek’s storyline is set as a conventional fairy tale because he has to rescue a Princess from the “highest room in the tallest tower” and also guarded by a Dragon.The maker of Shrek had also taken lines from other fairy tale such as when Donkey is trapped by the Dragon Donkey says “What large teeth you have” taken from Little Red Riding Hood but the makers want you to listen very closely to the lines so you can hear what they exactly saying. In the scene when Princess Fiona goes in to the woods and sing with a bird, when the bird dies (Bursts), you see the 3 eggs in a conventional fairy tale the heroine would orphan the eggs but the scene changes and shows Fiona cooking 3 eggs and this is another change the maker had done in the film.Presentational devices are the special effects, the music, scenery, setting, camera angles. Focusing on the special effects such as the beer in the tournament scene the beer is utterly life like looks just like real beer, also the fire and lava in the castle scene the way the lava bubbles is just life like.

The music goes with the storyline like in the first and last scene there both describing Shrek’s life before and after he met the Princess. The scenery/setting are all the leaves, trees and grass the makers showed these everywhere especially in the woods where there has to be trees and leaves.The scenery that I really like was when Shrek and donkey are sitting on the cliff looking at the stars and the moon together this shows the true friendship between them both.

In the making of Shrek they said they use over 1 billion leaves and all them where life like too. The camera angles used were very well shown such in an intimate moment they would show both character in the scene, shown when Shrek and Princess Fiona are eating with the sunset behind them.Also when Shrek is sitting on the floor and is looking at Lord Farquaad’s castle the castle is shown very big and Shrek is shown very small this shows that Shrek feels very down and low. The characters used were the hardest to make. The makers said that Princess Fiona was the hardest to make because she was a human and they had to focus more on her because Shrek is just a monster and was just made up same as Donkey who is just an animal and is just easy to make and draw.

The characters in Shrek aren’t like conventional fairy tale characters for example the hero, Shrek is an Ogre but in conventional fairy tales the hero is a human Prince.Shrek is not good looking, he is not a human and is not white and has no castle. The heroine, Princess Fiona is also not like a conventional fairy tale heroine she is not blonde, she is does not where red, white, yellow clothes she where’s green clothes signifying her with Shrek and she can rely to look after herself she need a man to do everything for her such as when she fight Robin Hood she doesn’t rely on Shrek (the hero) to save her she fights herself. The sidekick (Valiant Steed), Donkey is also unlike conventional sidekicks first the hero never has a donkey he has a Horse and it can’t talk.Donkey is more funny and can talk he likes to talk and express his own feelings.

Finally the Villain, Lord Farquaad he is too unlike a conventional fairy tale antagonist except for evil, conventional villains are ugly and old there is no other way to describe them except for stupid. My Conclusion I think Shrek was a very successful film not just because it was very funny but also they made an unconventional and twisted fairy tale. Also the special effects, music, camera angle and scenery where outstandingly great making them look almost life like. So overall the film that we studied was great.


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