A few months ago, I’ve completed my Primary School Leaving Examinations or ‘PSLE’ for short. It’s basically the final examination that all Primary 6 students across Singapore take before graduating to Secondary School. There are a total of 4 major subjects that will be tested for the examinations. Which is English, Mathematics, Science and Mother Tongue. After the examinations, the marks of all four subjects will be tabulated into one score which will be used to determine which Secondary School you get to go too. Since I wasn’t the brightest of the bunch, I only obtained an aggregate of ‘179’. It’s pretty good when compared with my fellow classmates, which all got, interesting results. Due to my somewhat low score, I only had limited choices on which school I get to go too. I’ve decided to go with ‘Evergreen Secondary School’ as it was literally located right next to my apartment. Which makes it convenient as I don’t have to wake up in the dusk of dawn and get ready for school, it ended up being a bad thing as all the teachers expect me to never be late. As a Primary 6 Student, I was excited to go to Secondary School, it’s basically a fresh start.A few weeks before school started. My new school organized something called, ‘Meet The Evergreen Family’, which is basically a welcome party where we get to meet the various staff and teachers, maybe our new classmates. We can’t know for sure if they are our classmates as we are arranged according to streams. There are 3 streams, ‘Normal Techincal’ , for people that aren’t as good as other. Then we have ‘Normal Academic’ which is basically the standard stream for normal people. Lastly we have ‘Express’ , which is basically for those super intelligent and nerdy people, they get to strike a year off their time in Secondary School. That means they only have to study for 4 years in Secondary School while we have to study for 5 years. I was in the ‘Normal Academic Stream’, at this time I was busy looking out for really big-sized teachers with mustaches as they are usually really fierce and might be the discipline master. Our principal was a woman named ‘Mrs. Carol Lim’ or ‘Mrs. Lim’ as she is called among the students. My classmates, well I didn’t pay much attention to them. Look pretty good, in terms of appearance. There are 3 familiar faces. All of them coming from the same Primary School where I come from, which is ‘Woodlands Primary School’. We were also told which class we were going too, but not our classmates. I was appointed to the class ‘1 Thinking’ which was the last class in the ‘Normal Academic’ stream. The rest of the day was relatively boring, I spent most of the time exploring the school. It was vastly bigger in size compared to my Primary School.At last, it was the second of January or the first day of school. Not wanting to be late on the first day of school. I sprung out of my bed and made a beeline towards the toilet to get my teeth brushed, I accidentally bashed opened 2 doors along the way. My mom wasn’t particularly pleased with that. I squeezed out a generous amount of toothpaste onto my toothbrush and brushed away. I took up my cleanser and applied it onto my face. Got to look nice on the first day of school, you know. After that, I walked towards the closest to get changed into my new school uniform. Which has a greenish tinge to it, the pants is dark green in color. While for the Physical Education attire, we had 4 different types of colors, however all of them have the same black pants. Each color represents a Singapore political figure. We call them ‘houses’ Which are, ‘David Marshall’ which is red in color. ‘Eddie Barker’ which is blue in color. ‘Goh Keng Swee’ which is purple in color. ‘Lim Kim San’ which is orange in color. ‘Othman Wok’ which is yellow in color. Finally, ‘Rajaratnam’ which is green in color. I was appointed to the ‘David Marshall’ house, the red one. A fun fact, 80% of David Marshall house’s population are boys. After changing into my school uniform, I went to the dining room to have breakfast. My breakfast was scrambled eggs with buttered toast. I can’t express how delicious they are. After that I took my bag and went to school.”Boy, be careful on the first day of school ah!” my mother yelled from the kitchen.”Ok, I will ma, have a good day! Bye” I responded backAs I walked into the school gate, I was immediately greeted by two prefects. Taking the opportunity, I asked them where the Secondary One students are supposed to assemble.”Where to assemble ah? I think the hall, not sure.” answered one of the prefects, they weren’t too sure about it, but I like to take chances, so I went to the hall.”Alright, thank you.” I responded back before making my way to the hall, which is located on the second level.Upon entering the hall, I saw some students holding up pieces of laminated paper that have the class names written on them. It was easier than expected to find my class, I wasn’t the first one there, 10 people made it before me. I sat next to a Malay girl, called ‘Nisha’. I didn’ know her name at that time. As time pass, more and more people came.The hall came to a silence, when a muscular looking teacher, ‘Mr Ng’ holding mic bellowed “EVGIANS! I’m sure that’s not how we are supposed to behave. To make matters worse, it’s the first day of school. Take your books and cut the chatter!”Well, knowing I didn’t bring a book myself, I turned to Nisha and asked whether she has brought one.”Did you bring a book?” I asked.”Yeah, I did” she responded happilyA few seconds later Mr Ng said “I’m quite surprised to see the Sec Ones have brought their books. Do they do the same thing in Primary School?””Yes!” shouted a random group of students.Since, I didn’t have a book. I decided to read my textbook, the closest thing to a book I can find in my bag. I didn’t read much of it as just a few minutes later, Mr Ng told us to keep our books and get ready for ‘Pledge Taking Assembly’ It basically what the name implies. We sing the national anthem and take the national pledge. We had to take the school’s pledge too, which is pretty catchy and interesting.”School Attention!” A girl standing on the stage commanded. The national anthem plays and we took the two pledges.”School At Ease!” The girl commanded again. At this point, we are suppose to put our hands behind our back and stand straight and wait for the command to be seated.”School, please be seated.” A teacher saidMoments later, we are dismissed back to class. One by one, our class was the 3rd to be dismissed. On the way back to class, I noticed a rather attractive girl by the name of ‘Tashya’, I didn’t know her name at that point of time. So I decided to approach her and ask her name. I had to slightly bump her to get her attention.”Hello,” I said to her in a kind tone before asking her name”Hello, I’m Tashya” she replied with a smile on her face.”That’s a nice name” I responded, smiling. She covered her mouth and giggled a little.It was then when I saw her adorable looking face. She had a rather circular face with a curved chin. She has bigger than usual eyes, which sparkle when in the light. She has a rather small looking, flat nose and ears. Her face was really clean, there were no pimples on her face. She had a rather long hair which runs down from her shoulder to her chest. She had a rather small mouth with smooth lips. Everything about her face was perfect. That was what really got me into her, not her body or anything else.I walked beside her all the way to class. When we got to class, we were introduced to our form and co-form teachers. Our form teacher was ‘Mr Teo’ a chinese male in his mid-20s. Our Co-Form teacher was ‘Ms. Tan’ a lady in her 20s. We were also introduced to our ‘facilies’.  They are basically senior students that will look after us, each class will usually have 4 or 5. After the general introduction, we were tasked to move the tables to the side and arrange our chairs in a circle, we are about to introduce ourselves to the class.It was then I met a Malay boy by the name of ‘Mikhail’, he later became my best friend and closest buddy. I knew his name once I met him, as he introduced himself to me pretty quickly. We had alot of things in common. We are both gamers and internet ‘trolls’.”I want you to tell the class the following things when you introduce yourself. Your name, month of birth, primary school, your hobbies and what do you plan to do in Evergreen Secondary” said Mr Teo.One by one, we introduced ourselves to the class. I paid extra close attention to ‘Tashya”.”Hello, I’m Tashya. I was born in February. I’m from Innova Primary School. I like to make new friends and hang out with people I know. I plan to join the Red Cross CCA as I was in it in my Primary School. I also plan to be friends with everyone.” introduced Tashya in a kind and sweet tone. At that point of time, I knew I wasn’t the only one pursuing her. Almost all the most were staring directly at her. Including those who didn’t bother listening, also paid extra close attention.When It was my turn, I tried to come up with something funny. Went out pretty well, got Tashya to giggle a lot.”Hello! My name is Wei Ze! I was born in January, that means I’m older than you and should receive more respect. I’m from Woodlands Primary School. My hobby is, sleeping and trolling people online. I plan to make friends with everyone and set up a squad.” I introduced myself in an informal way.My friend, Mikhail did the same thing but he is slightly more formal.”Hello! My name is Mikhail. I was born on March. I’m from Siling Primary School. My hobby is sleeping and, uh, trolling! I plan to crack up funny jokes with you guys and become a great friend.” Mikhail introduced himself.After introducing ourselves, it was just-in-time for recess, which is basically our lunch break. However, our recess schedule coincides with those of the Secondary Twos. Which obviously resulted in a jam-packed cafeteria. The lines were obnoxiously long, some of them even reaching 50 people per queue. We can’t choose where we wanted to sit, instead, a teacher will appoint a specific table for each class to sit at. 2 classes will usually be assigned the same table, resulting in 80 people crammed like sardines into one small table. To make matters worse, we weren’t allowed to step out of the cafeteria, unless we are going to the washroom. Even then you will have to ask your class’s seniors or a teacher to escort you there. It’s all part of a safety plan to make sure no one gets lost, which I find pretty amusing as I don’t know how in the world would you get lost in a school.Due to the long lines, I didn’t really eat anything during the recess period. I only bought myself a carton of chocolate milk and maybe a biscuit or two. All I really wanted back then was the recess break to be over as soon as possible. As I can’t stand being near hundreds of people. I tried to sit next to Tashya, knowing my luck, all the sits near her were already occupied by other boys or her new-found friends. However, I got to sit next to Mikhail though, which makes getting through that period a little easier.The school bell rings as it marks the end of our recess period. I was finally able to get out of the cafeteria and go to where ever my class is going next.


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