Films are a popular form of entertainment and since their invention a large number of them have been produced and screened.

Movies exist in various genres so as to satisfy the different tastes that varied people have. In the recent past, I have had the privilege of watching a number of movies, most of which I found very enjoyable. In this paper, I shall compare two movies belonging to different genres that I found particularly interesting. This shall be in a bid to illustrate that despite their differences in production, storyline and casts, the two movies still had a lot in common. The two movies that I shall exhibit are a comedic animation movie called “Madagascar” and the drama filled movie “Dark Knight”.

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Perhaps the first apparent similarity that even a stranger to these movies can point out is that both movies were hugely successful in the theatres. They attracted a lot of viewers therefore clocking in millions of dollars in profits for their producers. The viewers were not confined to a particular age bracket but varied from the young to the old. One of the themes that resound through both movies is the theme of friendship which is advanced as the characters in both movies fight against many odds to save their friends. In the Dark Knight, the main character goes to great lengths in his attempts at saving the lives of his friends from the hands of his arch-nemesis. In Madagascar, the animals make their way from relative safety into a terrifying forest in an effort to rescue their friend. Violence is also prevalent in both movies though at varying degrees. In the movie Madagascar, violence is exhibited when the animals are landed on a remote island unknown to them.

Here, they face a gang of hyenas which threatens to eat them. In the Dark Knight, the violence is more pronounced as the movie hero’s antagonist besieges the city with guns and bombs. People are killed in gruesome murders and buildings blown up.

However, in both the movies, the protagonists emerge victorious as they subdue the violence thus restoring harmony and balance. The two movies are created by use of very different methods. While the Dark Knight employs human actors although with a lot of science fiction therein, Madagascar utilizes animations throughout the movie. These differing modes of creation have a major significance in both movies.

The hilarious feats that are evident all through Madagascar could not have been achieved by human actors and it is only by the use of animations that the characters can captivate the audience as they do. In the Dark Knight, the use of human actors gives plausibility to the movie thus heightening the emotional involvement of the viewer. The effective use of these differing techniques therefore results in superb production in the two movies.

Both movies also have a complex storyline that keeps one intrigued and guessing to the very end. The skillful use of suspense is evident in both movies and the real plot of the movie is only disclosed at the end. This makes for a good view as one is kept interested through out. In addition to this, the complex storyline appeals to a wider range of viewers. This essay set out to illustrate the similarities of two movies that I enjoyed watching in the recent past.

From the discussion presented, it is clear that in as much as these movies were of different genres and indeed character set; they exhibited various similarities that traversed genre type or even character. It can therefore be affirmed that no matter how different things may appear at the surface, they may have underlying similarities which can be observed by a critical analysis.


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