A comparative study to evaluate the effect of limited access dressing (LAD) on burn wound healingJournal Title:International Wound JournalEvidence Rating:Level 1, quality: goodPurpose:The purpose of this study is to measure the effectiveness of limited access dressings (LAD) in a moist environment in combination with intermittent negative-pressure therapy on burn wound healing. This LAD dressing is being compared to conventional dressing which is dressed daily with 5% povidone iodine solution-soaked gauze. Various histopathological and biochemical parameters such as GSH, total protein, hydroxyproline, antioxidants, and hexosamine were measured in the granulation tissue.

Methods:This study took place in the department of plastic surgery at Kasturba Hospital, Manipal. It was a randomized comparative study of 55 patients. The study included patients of ages 12 to 65 years suffering from burn wounds.

They were divided into two groups, the conventional dressing group and the LAD group. Patients were randomized through www.random.org. Each treatment group was assigned numbers and placed in sealed envelopes to ensure randomization. Five participants withdrew from the study before initial samples were drawn. Of the remaining 50 patients, biopsies were taken on day 0 and day 10. The biopsies were analyzed for histopathological and biochemical parameters under study.

Findings:In the LAD group, the data from the 50 participants showed increased levels of the biochemicals hexosamine, hydroxyproline, and total protein. The LAD group also showed a significant decrease in GPx, GSH, and MDA as compared to those of the conventional group.Conclusion of the article/study (at some point in the summary, include how this article relates to your assigned section of the exemplar).  In conclusion, this study shows that LAD has beneficial effects versus conventional dressings.

The LAD dressings at the end of a 10 day period had a lower score for necrotic tissue and inflammatory infiltrate. The LAD dressings even showed significantly increased angiogenesis and reduced oxidative stress over conventional dressings. This article relates to the assigned topic because it addresses that LAD dressings improved the healing of burn wounds. LAD dressings could be a better option to treat burn wounds than conventional dressings.

What other research is needed in this area to help inform your nursing practice?Further research is needed to determine the overall effectiveness of the LAD dressing. This study was only 10 days long and only measured biochemical changes in the granulation tissue and wounds. The study was not long enough to prove that these dressings had better overall outcomes but it had promising results within the 10 day period.


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