A Masters At Arms is a Navy job, and they are basically the Navy Police. They perform many tasks, which could be by themselves, or with a squad.

They can do anti-terrorism, help operate prisons on and off shore. “You’ll also be equipped with the latest law enforcement tools and techniques for keeping the peace.”(Law Enforcement Careers in the US Navy). “The working environment can take you to shore stations in the United States and Overseas, on a ship, even be a maritime security squadron.”(Law Enforcement Careers in the US Navy).

“For training you go to boot camp for about 2 months, then head to San Antonio for another 2 months for MA training.”(Law Enforcement Careers in the US Navy).  “To qualify, a high school diploma or something similar to that is required. And you gotta be good with equipment, and be a U.S. citizens.”(Law Enforcement Careers in the US Navy). To become a Navy Master at Arms, you have to call a recruiter and tell them you want to join the Navy.

You meet up with your recruiter and you give them all of our information, and if you’re ready, you do the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery(ASVAB) test. If you aren’t ready, then you study the ASVAB and take some practice ASVABs, until you are ready for the real ASVAB. Whenever you take, the real ASVAB, if you aren’t satisfied with the score you can take it again, but you have to wait 30 days. A “good” ASVAB score is about a 50, or higher.

Whenever you’re okay with the score you got, you get to go to Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS). For any military branch, and military job, you have to go to MEPS.You will be at MEPS for two days. At MEPS, you will confirm your ASVAB score if you haven’t already. Then you will get a real in-depth physical by military doctors. After all that, it’ll take about 5-6 hours, you’ll get to finally eat lunch. Then you’ll have to wait for them to call your name on the intercom, and when they do, they’ll do a background check, and you’ll see all the jobs in the Navy that you qualify for.

If you qualify for Master at Arms, you’ll see it on the list, and tell them that you want that job. Once that is done, they will name some dates, and you have to pick one. The date you pick, is the date that you will go to bootcamp. After that, they will print your contracts out, and you’ll sign a bunch of paperwork. When all the paperwork is signed, they will congratulate you and tell you to wait in the lobby. In the lobby, the Commanding Officer (CO) will call a group of people to swear in. The group is made up of about 15-20 people, and they could be from any military branch. There is two rooms you will go in.

The first room you go in, you sit down, and the CO will brief you about what your about to do, and what it all means. In the second room, it has a small stage with all the military branches flags, and a podium that the CO will be at. You will be standing in a squad facing the CO, and the flags. Then the CO will command you to attention, and you will repeat whatever she says. Whenever she is done, she will congratulate you, and if your parents are there, you can take pictures with them.

Then, you will head back to the first room and the CO will congratulate each of you. Finally, when all of that is done, you will go to the Navy “headquarters” where you finalize your contract, get a little gift, then eventually, head back home. After MEPS, you will wait for your bootcamp date to arrive. When it does, you head to your recruiters station and go back to MEPS for a final short physical.

At MEPS, you will wait for your division to get called on the intercom. When it does, you will all line up, get on a bus and go straight to the airport, then go wherever your bootcamp place is. Navy bootcamp is about 2 months, and you learn everything about the Navy in there. After 2 months in bootcamp, you head to A-School. Master at Arms A-School is in San Antonio. At A-School, that is where you finally learn and train for your job.


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