________________________________________For all the girls who have curly hair, they have my deepest condolences. Because I grew up as a curly girl, I know how real the fight is. But you know what hurts me most is that none of the Disney princesses I saw during my childhood had any idea of ??what that means for curly hair. Well, somebody really had to deal with this fight sometime!Illustrator Vaz, author of Stray Curls, imagined that Disney princesses loved curly hair!So, finally, someone with my imagination princesses, who had curly hair (I do not say that!). And now you can really see the real struggles in your daily life, doing the simplest jobs! Indian cartoonist Angel Mary Vaz uses her imagination and humor to redraw Disney’s beloved princesses with heads full of spiral locks, bumping into their “love stories” that emerge as a result.1. Trust me. Rapunzel would never have left his castle to explore the outside world when dealing with hair problems.2. It’s not easy being a mermaid with irritating hair problems who claims to be a human trying to integrate into the world.3. Cinderella, you should start making real wishes instead of dancing to meet a prince who does not even remember your name.4. The best treatment ever!5. If Jasmine had those hairs, believe me she left her room, let alone the castle.6. Seriously, I can identify with Sleeping Beauty on several levels, I can not even begin.Also read: Russian guy creates cheap Cosplay of housewares!7. Lesson 101, if you do a haircut, make sure that it is done by a qualified professional.8. Well, it’s certainly a wise and legitimate thought on your part.Also read: 25 of the worst Halloween costumes nobody wants to see you!9. Even queens can refer to hair fights.Also read: 20 hilarious texts and e-mails people want to throw10. So, remember, if you want to sing on a windy day, you should tie your har.So, now you know what it’s like to have really annoying hair and disney, we want you to be able to stage real fights!


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