You are a knight in the 3rdcentury and need a sword. You heard about a new metal from Syria. You want itbecause of its beautiful design that looks like white food coloring gettingpoured into a black liquid and it is stronger than other metals. This metal iscalled Damascus Steel.What is it?This is a weird thing to writeabout.

I mean it’s just a metal, why is it special? Well, Damascus steel is a ferrousmetal that can no longer be reproduced the same way it was. Many have attemptedto find the making process but none have succeeded. The reason for this is theway the ingots were formed. The ingots they are made are no created in the sameway, they have too many impurities now, so sadly they are likely to never be madethe same again.  Myths  Other FactsIn the myth ofBeowulf, Beowulf uses a magical Damascus steel sword made by giants to slay themonster Grendel’s mother.

Although it’s called Damascus steel, it was actuallyproduced in all of India. The reason for its name is Europeans first traded forit in Damascus. 


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