Stakeholder is anyone who gets effected, directly orindirectly by the project.  The conceptof project management through stakeholders is defined as “the process ofadjusting with the scheme and planning apprehensions and proposals of differentstakeholders” (PMI2008).Stakeholder’s have not been properly incorporated and engaged from thebeginning of the projects, this negligence and casual attitude of projectmembers have made them a high priority risk that may arise at any phase of theproject (Khan,Skibniewski et al. 2017).There is a mass of projects that have been pre-maturely terminated or ended upeven before the implementation phase due to neglecting the impact or concernsof stakeholders (Pirozzi2017).Projects may involve large number of both the primary and secondarystakeholders and every stakeholder has his own interests, concerns andexpectations with the project due to which they try to mold the project in away that best addresses their concerns and are in their own favor (Heravi,Coffey et al.

2015),which makes it’s a difficult task to satisfy each single stakeholder but it’s achallenge that has to be accepted by project managers if they want the projectto succeed. Majority of project management practitioners and researchers assertthat there is a positive relationship between early stakeholder’s managementand project success (Aapaoja,Haapasalo et al. 2013).Stakeholder management and engagement if incorporatedat the early stages of projects can be a supplement to probability of projectsuccess which is not a very common practice among the ongoing projects indeveloping countries (Guest 2014). Especially in context of civilinfrastructure projects there exists different stakeholders e.g.

localcommunity, Media, competitor organizations, political representatives, whichmay not be either legally bound by the project or have a direct relationshipwith the project but they can adversely affect the project progress if they areleft unattended by the project manager (Mascia2016).


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