Strengths of the business plan·        Products ofhigh quality·        Ray andBarbara cumulatively have experience of 65 years in retail industry·        Focuseson less targeted group in the industry·        Use of catalogs to inform customers onBlue spa benefitsWeaknesses of the business plan·        Only targets educatedwomen·        Blue spa is yet toestablish her name·        Faces stiff competitionin the specific brandsAnalysis·        Production and implementationplans·        Market and marketforecasts·        Cosmetic industry2.3 CHALLENCES FACED AND REMEDIES·        Difficulties in regurgitating technical informationpresented in the plans·        Long business plans with more usefulinformation to understand ·        Difficulties in paraphrasing sometechnical statements2.4 LESSONS LEARNT ABOUT BUSINESS PLANNING·        Should be specific and achievable·        Should get people committed and bring all parties on board·        Be informative and suit the need of the business·        Is dynamic and updated from time to time as the need arises2.5 DEMOSTRATED COMPETENCIES·        Clear writing with cohesion and flow·        Effective communication and presentationof information·        Critical analysis and evaluation of sources·        Credible research·        Able to research technical topics2.6 RECOMMENDATIONS ·        Focus on all women to widen prospects inthe cosmetic business plan·        Strengthen the business plan by factoringin customer feedbacks·        Not to compromise quality for the sakeof fetching low prices2.7 CONCLUSIONClosing statements onthe business plans and the entire business planning exercise.


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