This study was a prospective,cross-sectional, observational, questionnaire-based survey.  The study was conducted at a Tertiary care teachingmedical college & hospital in Navi-Mumbai and had a study period of 2 months.Permission of the Institutional Ethics Committee was taken. An informed writtenconsent was taken from each participant before being included in the study.The study included PGresidents currently pursuing MD/MS course, irrespective of age, sex orspecialty. Non-PG residents, participants below the age of 18 years old andthose not willing for informed consent were excluded from the study.

The survey tool was a predesigned,pretested and structured questionnaire, which assessed the participants understandingon issues of Ethics, Authorship, Conflict of Interest, Plagiarism, Simultaneoussubmission and Salami slicing. Individual participants were approached and theirresponses to the study questionnaire were assessed. Data obtained was enteredin MS-Excel 2010 and analyzed. Numerical data was summarized using Mean andStandard Deviation. Categorical data was expressed using percentage.


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