According to Arnold, K (2010) journal entry the phrase hooking up has beenused to represent the sexual activity that happens between individuals who arenot in a committed romantic relationship. Hook-up culture does not only include sexualintercourse but also includes all sexual encounters like kissing and oral sex. Thesesexual activities arise without any guarantee of a more traditionally committedrelationship. College studentshave used the practice of hooking up for many years (Arnold, 2010).

According to Arnold hook-ups are progressively becomingmore normal among young adults in North America, illustrating the apparentshift in receptivity, compliance and approval of this new culture of sex. Shapingthis shift is popular culture, and the medias portrayal of sexuality. Accordingto Arnold, the media suggest that hook-ups, can be satisfying and fun withoutthe traditional strings being attached.  Hook-up up culture is different than the adaptive perspectiveof mate selection. Usually mate selection depends on natural selection which iswhen a women looks for a capable robust mates who can afford to protect andsupply for her and her future family while males look for young, and healthy femaleswho can fulfill their underlying objective of reproduction.

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Hook-up culture is different then theadaptive perspective of mate selection because in mate selection both maleand female compete for their choice of mate. Females will pursue a partner whohas the means to support their parental efforts and that is not something womenseek when looking for a casual hook-up. The social norms found in hook-upculture is different then those found in mate selection. In western culturewhen men and women hook-up they are just having fun and looking to satisfytheir sexual needs and are not looking for someone with the ability to adequatelyreproduce with to safeguard the survival of their offspring, nor are theytrying to ensure the passing on of genotypes.


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