Over the past couple of yearsFlamin Hot Cheetos have been one of the highest selling chips on the market.Although many kids and even adults love these chips there are many things thatthey might not know about them. These hot chips have sent many kids to thehospital each year.

After these hot chips came onthe market doctors have seen many people come into their office complaining of stomach pain.These chips are causinggastritis, inflammation of the stomach lining, bloating, burning, and vomiting.But why do people keep eating them?? Scientists have discoveredsome addictive qualities of these Flamin Hot Cheetos, which is the reason whykids keep overeating them and problems keep occuring.

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The fattier and saltierthe food product the more people get addicted to, and since these chips are sofattening people crave them and can’t stop eating them.Not only does this productjust burn your stomach they also contain ingredients that are terrible whichcan be seen on the ingredients label. Only 21 chips contain  160 calories, 250milligrams of sodium, and 11 grams of fat.

There have been many schools inmultiple states that have banned hot cheetos from their school because of thelack of their nutritional value. Since these spicy chips havebeen off the charts in sales many other companies have came up with other kidsof hot chips to put on the market such as: Takis, Chester’s Hot Fries, FlaminHot Fritos, Dinamita Doritos, and Flamin Hot Funyuns.   


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