Social media and politics, two strikingly different topics with one being associated but celebrities and current trends while the other had to do with the way in which a country is run.

Yet in the past decade with the advancements in technology, in turn, social media these two topics have become more and more interconnected, and not for the best. For you see social media has propelled the American politics into a rapid downward spiral that appears to be bottomless and without end. With social media, the tumor of slander and smear has infected America’s political elections with the constant vilification of candidates. It had added fuel to the fire of violence and destruction when associated with political protests, and attributed to oversimplification of a critical situation and yet intensify minor offenses.National elections and offices within the government Counterclaim: Political movements for change within the government, supported and spread through social media ( use concession ? yes, but) Refute theses social media movements can backfire with the protection of violence, the raising up of the masses ¬†Social media publicises some things but not all things, it had the ability to blow small things out of proportion and take focus away from actual news of importanceEveryone focused on football taking a knee but no one on North Korea and their missiles Everyone focused on Muslim truck driver killing calling him a terrorist but everyone not calling all the massacres that had occurred and not calling it ¬†terrorism There are young adults out there with a smartphone in one hand and a voting ballot in the other. A new Pew Research Center survey of U.

S. adults finds that political debate and discussion is indeed a regular fact of digital life for many social media users, and some politically active users enjoy the heated discussions and opportunities for engagement that this mix of social media and politics facilitates.


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