NAMECOMMITTEE UNRC (Unted Nation Human Right CounalCOUNTRY: USA States ofUnited States of America which is hialigitedone ofthe mostcountries have a highoperioade the rights or women and chMen USA aimeEve bothand children harreepoctiverights but in USA diere ame someproblemsthi topic wachchild abuse, sesual abuse,education for poor children child labor and mure mereconsists, and are highly concemed For thepaafew year, the United Stateng hard and is trying r’s bestto find a solutor tooweroome there entire problemrIn pat no basic rights were given to wonenISA, whih inlikled that, womeen were orallowed toePa political activity. bal in the American woman were granood the vote.some of the children which incladed more pits than boys.were allowed haveedkator.but in 1727. Uraline Academy wfounded which provided young with bente educatiabout the modern United sures, there are number ofho are abused their workplequal and denoti ates them. Today, nearly 40%women are unemployedUSA Pour children don’ basic edacation and Gke any health problems and diseases and sameof there usually die Chiki labor, sevaual and child abuse iso eartem baicPrablemsAeaarding to a law in US children below 16 we behol and should Dorbeert played The USgovemment has taken senesaaions apund child abuse according the US federallaw.

women arehired for good jobs while men are lined becaaseof inequality betaround the USA for the right ofand wellThe US government believes that ifmorepowie derate money the NGOs the poor children seitcould help them providing them with better ohucation aheaitrylifestyles and n could reduceliteracy and the deaths of children and donaony money for poor childra is the bestway to overaameto Fair Labor Standards Mat FLSAM whichrestricts the employment andabuse of childrenRegaraneseNual abuse seneus sheuld be by media Noos and government aooerdingthe federal law in US Child sewRal abuse is recognizedchild malhealmentinus, since the initialCongressional hearings on child ahese. The hastaker actions regading altheseproblems and many NGOs and organizators in US overcome these problems.

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