resultof Ricky’s relationship with hisbrother.

At the same time, Ricky alsolearns a new set of values and behaviours through his interactions with Tre, Furious, and the University Representative.  This further exemplifies the social control theory, and is seen when Furious attempts to teach these boys howto behave in certain social situations. Thus, Rickylearns to adapt to separate norms and values depending on the people andsituations that are present in his life.             To help in better understanding the ‘boyz’in the ‘hood’, the guest speaker from CHEO (Voss, 2017), explained someindividual factors that can lead adolescents to criminality.  An important point that he covered is thatthere are specific and distinct factors that may lead youth and adolescents tocriminality which vary from adults.  Voss(2017) explains that adolescents who commit offences are either unique individuals, or very heterogeneous, andthat they exhibit varying emotional and behavioural control ranging from veryimpulsive to extremely controlling.

 Furthermore, Voss (2017) explains that adolescents are more likely to berisk takers and sensation seekers, which can lead to violence and crime in the lower-classareas.  To demonstrate this in thecontext of Boyz N the Hood, after Tre sees Ricky murdered, he reacts impulsively and takes his father’s gunwith the intent of getting revenge on those who killed Ricky.  Tre, emotionally charged considers risking his life for the vengeanceof Ricky’s death.

  Fortunately, becauseof his upbringing and his father’s guidance, Tre is eventually able to take more control of his anger andemotions and decides to abort his mission in seeking revenge.              Unlike Tre, Doughboy believed it was the right thing to do, despite the realityof the consequences of his actions, which eventually leads to his death.  Doughboyn


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