74% of people searching online for legal purposes end up contacting the office they find by phone.That’s a lot of people turning to the internet for their legal needs. It would be a huge mistake to overlook a law firm website design.

By staying on top of the design of your website you will better your chances of clients finding you. And you’re also setting yourself apart from all the websites on the internet that are not optimized for the web.Still, it the optimization of a whole website can be overbearing if you don’t know where to start.

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Luckily, we’ve provided 10 law firm website design tips to get you started:1. Optimize For MobileMobile devices accounted for almost 50% of web page views in February 2017. For this reason, we recommend optimizing your website for mobile use as well as tablet use.Keep in mind that adding certain things to law firm website design can make it load slower. Especially when users try to access it on their phones.

Try to cut down on the amount of large graphics and pictures on your site to help make it load faster.Many mobile users will be navigating your site with their fingers. Try to make this easier by making buttons on your site larger.

This will help users avoid the accidental click that can take them away from your site.Most website design sites allow you to choose the option to optimize your website for mobile. You may also be able to alter the design of the page entirely for mobile or tablet use.2. Search Engine OptimizationWe encourage law firms to optimize their websites for search engines. This will help users find your website when they need it most.

75% of users don’t click on the second page of search results. Research the keywords your clients use to look for your services. Include them in your content to increase your rank in their search engine results.Place them strategically and where they make sense.

This is important as too much keyword use can be a potential red flag to search engines.When putting names for the photos and graphics you add to your site be sure to add the keyword in there too. People may not be able to see them, but they will provide useful for search engine robots.3. Add a Call To Action:Call-to-Actions are great for law firm websites.

They naturally point to the next step a potential client can take after reading your content.Use these at the end or beginning of posts. Avoid including them in the middle of posts or content as it can be distracting. Some potential call to actions are:Join our NewsletterGet StartedSend us a messageCheck out our ratesContact usBy integrating these with your law firm website design you are able to encourage potential clients to reach out to you.

It will also save them time by giving them the option to reach out to you for next steps.4. Connect With Potential ClientsSocial media engagement is important for every industry. There are 3.

03 billion people active on social media as of 2017. By being present on social media you increase the spread of your law firm naturally. Add the option on your law firm website design to share posts on social media platforms. This way readers will spread your information to those who might also be interested.Add social media widgets to your homepage. This will allow users to find your accounts on different platforms.Consider adding an instant message feature or phone number to your website. This will help clients reach you.

This will differentiate you from other law firms who are not available for questions.5. Collect EmailsWe encourage firms to integrate the option to collect emails from their clients in their law firm website design. This way you will be able to send offers or educational material their way.

Understand that those researching your services may not be ready to commit to them yet. Collecting their emails so you will be able to follow up with them. Send them some material to help them further come to a decision.

86% of professionals look toward email when communicating for business purposes. Consider adding an RSS feed to your law firm website design. These will help update potential clients who are interested in your firm.An RSS feed is a feature that will help you organize the content clients want to know more about. It also is good for sending that content to a large number of people.6.

Create Content That MattersWe recommend adding content that potential clients will find useful. This gives users a reason to stay on your site for an extended period of time. It will also show potential clients that you are dedicated to helping them.Blogs are considered the 5th most trusted source for online information.

Add a blog to your website to help inform potential clients and boost your credibility.Understand that those researching your services may not be ready to commit to them yet. Collecting their emails so you will be able to follow up with them. Send them some material to help them further come to a decision.

Consider adding a Frequently Asked Questions section to your site to help clients. Put your rates on your website so clients can decide if they can afford your services.7. Make It Easy To UseMaking a law firm website design easy to navigate will help people to find what they need. It’s important to make your website as organized as possible.40% of people navigate away from a webpage if it doesn’t load after 3 seconds. People who can’t find what they need right away on your website may get frustrated and look elsewhere.

Stick to a minimalistic approach to your website. Don’t add anything that isn’t meaningful. Flashy graphics and hard to read text will deter potential clients.Avoid technical language that wouldn’t make sense to someone who didn’t go to law school. We recommend keeping your content at a grade 9 reading level or lower.8.

Make Sure It Looks ProfessionalIn addition to making your site easy to use, also make sure it stays looking professional. Tailor your site to your audience. Keep in mind the demographic you are trying to target and think about what they would want to see on a law firm website.

If you are adding photos or graphics to your side make sure that they are simple and good quality. Remember that your website will be a representation of yourself and your services.Branding your law firm website design to your company to help keep up its professional look as well.

Add a logo and branding elements to your site.If your website consists of photos, add a watermark of your logo to it. If this picture shows up in a search elsewhere it will still be associated with your firm.9. Keep Your Website UpdatedWe urge law firm’s to keep up with updates that may change how your site works. This will keep a law firm website design accessible and looking great.

Read up on the latest changes in algorithms. This will help when making important changes to keep your website running smooth.With site managers, like WordPress, that update or install changes it’s important to educate yourself on them. This will also help the functionality of your site. You’ll be able to better edit and provide content to your site if you understand how it works.When making a law firm website design, we encourage paying attention to security as well.

Look for the most secure software and put it into place. Update them frequently as outdated software can leave your site vulnerable.If the design is one that collects information from clients. You want to ensure the privacy of potential clients.10.

Ask For HelpDon’t be afraid to search for help with your law firm website design from other sources. Using content management systems to help keep your content in an organized manner.This will also help in not making the process so overwhelming. We recommend doing more research on search engine optimization and internet marketing.

Consider if hiring outside sources to help with SEO or content on your site.There are many templates available to those who aren’t natural graphic designers. These will help give your website design that a pleasing aesthetic that others lack. Keep in mind that other law firms may also be utilizing templates. It’s important to use these templates as guides when creating a law firm website design.

More Tips On Law Firm Website Design Website Design doesn’t come easily to everyone. Although it’s not rocket science it can sure feel that way sometimes.But with the right research and resources, designing your site can be a breeze.For more information on how to make your law firm website design amazing check out our blog.  


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