“Organizationscompete fiercely in the war for talent. Many invest an enormous amount ofmoney, time and other resources in advertising and recruiting strategies toattract the best candidates” (Pulakos, 2005). War occurred with other highstatus job as low market or slowdown in business but still there are plenty ofrecruits. SGCowne’s (SGC) recruiting process had may dimensions internally and externallyboth. In internal dimensions, SGC promoted their current young employees tohigher levels. SGC hired their interns to full time employee after completionof their studies.

  In external dimensions,they did recruitment on college campuses. In the fall, SGC associates startedto give company presentation at certain business schools. These associates willconduct “informal interviews” to ascertain students’ interest before the firstformal interview. SGC assigned team captains at each school to be a point ofcontact so that they can have easy access. Those captains were preferably bankprofessionals who were alumni from that school. The success of SGC inrecruiting started when team captains and other team members were able tosearch diligently like Cornell. Gregg Schoenberg joined the team in 1998 asteam captain and also he was the alumni of the Johnson School of Business atCornell.

He conjectured that Cornell students had to show more proposals and bemore focused which turned out good as great hires results. SGC couldn’t be bigplayers at core-school; they decided to find success at recruiting in non-top10 schools like Emory and USC.Raepushed his team captains to answer four questions in their presentation atschools “Who are we, what we do, what distinguishes us from competitors andwhat are the next steps” (Delong & Vijayaraghvan, 2006).  SGC also made sure to encourage the advantageof working for boutique firm. Rae wanted those presentation very short so thatthey have more time for interaction on a more informal and personal level.


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