Inclusion means all are accepted irrespectiveof the differences. Inclusive Education means all learners young people with orwithout disabilities being able to learn together in ordinary preschool provisions,schools and community educational settings with appropriate network of supportservices i.e. the institution makes adjustments, adaptations to cater the childwith special needs . 10% of the world’s population lives with a disability and80% of these people with disability lives in developing countries.

Afterindependence in 1947, the Government of India created several provisions and policiesin terms of inclusive education.  India hasalways leaned towards inclusion,  starting from the Constitution of India andlater followed by various Commissions/Articles viz. Kothari Commission- says tointegrate special children into regular schools to help them to socialize andbuild their confidence , Article 21A :Right to Education Act 2009 forfundamental right of 6 to 14 year to get equitable ,free and quality  education,   IEDSS  2009-10 aiming to enable special child to undertake four years of secondaryschooling in an inclusive environment, RTE/SSA Policy on inclusion 2001and 2012aims at providing quality education for all etc.

CBSE in its recent developmenthas decided to setup inclusion panel for children by hiring special educatorsfor children with disabilities. Results of these provisions and recommendationsare many prime institutes were set up viz. National Institute For the VisuallyHandicapped 1982 Dehradun, Rehabilitation Council of India 1986 Delhi etc. This paperthrows light on the provisions and the utility of the provisions in referenceto inclusive education in India in recent years. Moreover, further steps that areto be taken to maximize the implementation of the policies are discussed too becausedespite these efforts,  about 95%children with disabilities did not receive any educational services.

The task ofimplementation of inclusive education should be in letter and spirit.  Keywords:# Inclusion, Provisions, Implementation.


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