·        Designed campaign strategy and cumulatively headed a teamof 400 volunteers for the execution of HalkeVich Captain, a statewide campaign, targeting 10 districts and managed thecentral budget of INR 10 million. ·        Prepared reports on the existing political scenario basedon retrospective data and contemporary political and social developments.·        Worked exclusively with Captain Amarinder Singh (ChiefMinister, Punjab) and increased his winning margin by 38% (Highest victorymargin in the state).

Amarinder Singh won 77/117 legislative assembly seats inPunjab forming government with a full majority.·        Enhanced manifesto of Patiala constituency after analyzingelectoral trends and voting behaviour of 33municipal wards·        Engaged 60,000 voters through 10 consecutive campaigns,recruited and supervised a team of 6 fulltime assistants. ·        Assisted 5 MLAs (Member of Legislative Assembly) ofJalandhar and Mohali, examined election outcome by mobilizing 7000 influencersfor focused group discussions over a short span of 3 months.·        Conductedintensive primary and secondary research on the Effectiveness of DelhiCommission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) in monitoring the Right toEducation Act.·        Wrotea working research paper titled “Evaluation of Monitoring Mechanisms of DCPCRto Ensure the Implementation of RTE Act in Delhi”, published on the website of CCS,India.·        Sustainedinternational relations for students exchange with more than 15 countries.·        Co-managedinternational internships for 28 students to 7 countries and grew 150% inoperations thus, generating revenue of INR 380,000.

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·        Designedand executed an exchange project “MAGIC (Make a Globally Integrated Community)”hosting 30 interns from 12 countries delivering social engagements with NGOs,schools and university clubs. (Vice President)·        Workedwith bureaucrats to study administration and governance across the urban sector.·        Gatheredhands-on experience in the processes behind City Public Administration, localpolicy making, Solid Waste Management, Urban Planning, Financial Management andPrimary Education·        Surveyed100 households for Solid Waste Management and documented data to assistMunicipal Corporation.



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