The climate of Saudi Arabia is distinguished by its high-temperature, especially in the summer. The summer season in Saudi Arabia takes the major period during the annum, in which the kingdom climate is generally desert, and its weather is considered one of the most hot-weather country in the middle east.This makes all kinds of structures on earth surface, including urban buildings, factories, oil, water and petrol tanks, gas, water and oil transfer / export pipes and more get affected negatively by the strong sun heat. Many building are unacceptable and inconvenient for people who lives inside, due to required electricity consumption for air-conditioning and cooling. This high consumption of electricity causes expensive service bills that has a negative impact on citizens’ economic. Besides, the process of generating massive electricity, in main plant stations, to be distributed across cities and regions may cause heavy load on electricity networks.

As a result, electricity problems, such as power cuts, particularly in the days with a temperature rise in the summer.There is a trend in Saudi Arabia toward saving power and find alternative ways of energy than the oil. Moving on this trend will help reducing the electricity power that is generated by oil fuel.

On the other hand, supplying resident buildings with a special kind of reflective paints will help to reduce the spend of energy for cooling these buildings from inside. We consider our solution is a economical solution that save the consumption amount of energy and save resident from paying high bills of electricity services.In addition to this, using the promising sun heat reflective paints in paining large containers, tanks, pipes and factories will help keeping the temperature of their internal body and their contents low. This prevent any damages caused by the strong sun heat intensity affected these kinds of structure.

With the current support, provided by the government toward to national transformation plan, to localize the national industries in different domains, having the product (CB-SHRP) made in KSA and marketing it locally and regionally will contribute effectively to solve the problems and difficulties occurs as a consequence of sun heat intensity in various sectors, such as electricity and power, oil, gas and fuel production and transportation, water and factories. It also will bring an extra support to the kingdom economic.


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