Karen Asp’s article “Howexercise boosts your brain power” explores the importance of cardiovascularexercise in regards to memory, productivity, problem solving and stress.Firstly, Asp states that the increase of blood flow and hormones (inparticular, serotonin, dopepinene, nophinpine) improves memory and recall. Shesupports this idea by drawing on the study directed by the Frontiers in HumanNeuroscience.

This research article explores the role of cardiovascular fitnesson the hippocampus (responsible for memory and learning). In the experimentresearchers¬† “scanned the brains ofpeople who exercised for one hour per day , three days a week for six months”(Kirk et al., 2011) The results correlated that an increase in the hippocampus helpedparticipants perform better on memory tasks. Another important pointAsp made is that there is a positive correlation between exercise andproductivity.

She supports this claim by using research conducted by the InternationalJournal of Workplace Health Management. In the experiment, researchersconcluded that “people who exercised during their workday were 23 percent moreproductive on days they didn’t exercise”. (Coulson, McKenna, Field, 2008).Thirdly,Asp also stated that exercising can have a decrease on stress. She support thisidea by drawing on the study presented by the Society of Neuroscience. In theexperiment, researchers found that “rats that were allowed to run beforehand ofbeing subjected to stress reacted less to the stress than those that hadn’t(Reynolds G, 2009,). Regardless, even if the research was conducted on rats itis the same for humans.

Lastly, Asp stated thatthe intensity of cardiovascular exercise (in particular with women) can helpwith problem solving/memory improvement. She supports this claim by usingresearch conducted by the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. In theexperiment, researchers “found that people learned vocabulary words 20 percentfaster after intense exercise than after a low intensity activity”( Winteret al., 2007)


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