3G technology 5G technology        3G is a digital, supported data        It is circuit switched      3.5G faster data, added through always-on / packet data (HSPA)          Data rates of 2Mbps-tens of Mbps          5G is not yet completely defined        It is 1000 times faster than 3G.        It is likely to be in use by the year 2020      Its an extension of 4G but with higher data rates.It also supports data for Internet of Things Data rates of “1Gbps” are proposed       8.    Up to ten-year battery life for lowpower, machine-type devices7.    90% reduction in network energyusage6.    (Perception of) 100 percent coverage5.    (Perception of) 99.

999 percentavailability4.    10 to 100x number of connecteddevices3.    1000x bandwidth per unit area2.    1 millisecond end-to-end round tripdelay1.    1 to 10Gbps connectionsAccording tothe Groupe Speciale Mobile Association (GSMA), in order to qualify as a5G network, it should meet most of the following eight criteria;CRITERIAS TO BE MET TO QUALIFY AS A 5G NETWORK Ø  With speeds of up to 100gigabits per second, 5G will be as much as 1,000 times faster than 4G,the latest iteration of mobile data technology. ..

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. 3G does nothave the capacity to cope with modern mobile working.5Gessentially works the same way as 3G, but with faster internet connection andlower latency.Ø Itis expected that the download time for an eight gigabyte HD movie will be justsix seconds, compared with seven minutes over 4G and over an hour with 3G.Ø  5G will provide greater network stability to ensurethat business-critical mobile functions do not go offline. It will also providenecessary speed to give employees a fully equipped virtual office almostanywhere.

If broadband services do not experience significant uplifts in speed,5G might even prove to be a cost-effective alternative to fixed-line servicesin ten years’ time.Whatis 5G? v Therise to demand for even faster data speeds led to the evolution of generationsv The3G speeds of today are much faster than the initial 200 kbps.v Fora network to be classified as 3G, it needs to meet certain preset technicalstandards for reliability and speed. At the beginning, around 2003, thenetworks were required to have speeds of at least 200 kilobits per second.


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