Thefascinating thing that attracted my attention was career interest provided bydifferent sources of social media. The social media faces a variety ofchallenges related to services and features. Social media provides facilitiesfor the development of social networks of users by connecting the profiles ofusers, groups, and individuals. Thetechnologies of social media provide content related to user-generatedinformation and provide new challenges and opportunities. The firms of socialmedia provide transformation in the business. The strategies of firms arelinked with the innovation of communities and provide innovations.

Theimplementation capabilities of firms for generation of ideas are increased withthe development of new innovations. The social media have actual influence onthe firm values and increases the capabilities of the firm. The direct accessto the social media provides technological functionality on the services thatare engaged with the services.

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The social media is an interactive platform thatprovides substantial variation in the organization, business and individualchanges of social media.


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