The 5-component model consists of hardware, software, data, procedures, and people. Each component plays a major role in a company’s collaborative system and should be specifically tailored towards the companies needs and desires. The hardware is a virtual system which has a PC or tablet interface for each participating member.

For this specific organization, I believe the hardware should consist of a monitor, high speed internet connection, and a central screen share devise as a projector for the physical attendees at the main headquarters. All devices are personal, and quality will depend on the device available. The software should consist of free or paid video conferencing software, screen sharing capability, and a secure channel. Most of these requirements can be assembled at no charge using free tools and software. However, the creation of secure channel would require https links and pages for access. Next is data which should gather MIS information of budget expenses, actual expenses with classifications, cost of equipment’s, decay and wastage, service contracts, and partnership information with other parties/NGOs.

All the data should have an accessibility restriction, one master will have all access, and he shares the information required to other board members. The data is prepared beforehand to be presented. The procedures are the most complex of all, as there is no historic information to this, everything will need to be done from scratch. I would recommend the organization to set up procedures such as a login process, account and access creation, date and time and scheduling of the meeting, invitation with MIS information, time allocation for presentation and breaking the communications, general practices to be followed, how to share screen to present the data, creation of moderators to conduct the proceedings. These procedures are prepared and the broad guidelines are shared with the group, a link and access code is shared to the members and rest all have a view only access. Lastly comes the people which should consist of all members and all participants. So, here the participants have view only access, they are muted and other members discuss and the board is represented.


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