The Conventional computing functions rationally with a bunch of rules and calculations while the Intelligent computing can function via images, photos and ideas.Conventional computing does not require internet to access files. It must use a compatible system to access file. Intelligent computing involves interactive learning. Learning is based on empirical data.Conventional computing is often unable to manage the variability of data obtained in the real world, whereas Intelligent computing is like our own brain and it is able to manage noisy imprecise data. This allows them to excel in those areas that conventional computing often finds difficult.

Conventional computing cannot explain the logic and its system is made of algorithms and data structures, on the other hand Intelligent computing builds systems that have the ability to explain the logic.Conventional computing, guarantees a solution to a given problem, whereas Intelligent computing does not guarantee a solution to a given problem. Conventional computing produces results that are consistent and reliable whereas Intelligent computing produces results that may not be reliable or consistent. In Intelligent computing it solves the problem without specific program instructions.

Conventional computing solves the given problem, according to the programmer’s exact instructions.Computational computing cannot always process the data notice of the real world by the sensors, but Intelligent computing can easily manage and process the data in the real world. We cannot state that intelligent computing is better than conventional computing or vice versa.

It depends on what kinds of problems to be solved.Conventional computing does what it is programmed to do and no more, but Intelligent computing can learn a specific task from data.A Computational computing operates within the parameters that were programmed into it. It could only have all the processor speed and memory, but the code would be what software designed and written have produced. Intelligent computing is much like humans.

It makes decisions on its own. It is able to learn and can reprogram itself.


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