Teachers’ professional development isthe most effective when it is ongoing process that creates change and newunderstandings within schools that are quietly, yet most certainlyrevolutionary. Professional development (PD) means continuallyprocess of learning to enrich and enhance oneself with age and concurrentdemand of information whilst engaged in job at any institution. In this sense,teachers’ professional development means increasing teaching technique,broadening subject knowledge, creating responsibility and commitment withgathering latest information to prepare their students according and based tothe needs of contemporary society. As cited by Hewton(1999), “A staff developmentprogram is a planned process of development which enhances the quality of pupillearning by identifying clarifying and meeting the individual needs of thestaff within the content of the society as a whole”. Professional development practicesdevelop not only a new mind set by which one learns to promote and market one’sskills, networking and cultivating relationships but also self-insight and arange of competencies (Watkins andDrury 1994). The ultimate aim ofprofessional development in schools is to improve the quality of learning and teaching.A school ensures opportunities for teachers to update his or her knowledge andskills.

It also provides scopes for reflection and learning from experiences aswell as training and development for new roles and responsibilities to ensurethe effectiveness of the individual teacher in the development of the wholeschool. In order for achieving a desired school improvement, teachers need to committo change, progress and democratic discussion of current belief and practices(Carrington and Elkins 2002). ┬áCox’s Bazar City College is small college situatedin southern most region of Bangladesh which has various undergraduate andgraduate programs for students.

Currently this college does not have anyprofessional programs for its teachers that could enhance their teachingability. But in this era of competition, in order to achieve excellence, Cox’sBazar City College needs to embrace professional development programs andintegrate those programs in their teaching.


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