#include#define SIZE 30 using namespace std; class STACK{    private:        int numberSIZE;        int top;    public:        STACK();    //defualt constructor        int push(double);    /* Push function declaration */        int pop();           /* Pop function declaration */        int isEmpty();       /* isEmpty function declaration */        int isFull();        /* isFull function declaration */        void printItems();   /* printItems function declaration */};STACK::STACK(){    top=-1;                  /* set top to -1 for empty stack */}/* isEmpty function to check stack is empty or not */int STACK::isEmpty(){    if(top==-1)      return 1;    else        return 0;       }/* isFull function to check stack is FULL or not */int STACK::isFull(){    if(top==(SIZE-1))        return 1;    else        return 0;} /* push function to insert value into stack */int STACK::push(double num){    //check stack is full or not    if(isFull()){        return 0;    }    ++top;    numbertop=num;    return num;}/* pop function to delete value from stack */int STACK::pop(){    //to store and print which numberber    //is deleted    int temp;    //check for empty    if(isEmpty())        return 0;    temp=numbertop;    –top;    return temp;     }/*printItems function to display the value stored into stack */void STACK::printItems(){    int i; //for loop    cout<<"STACK is: ";    for(i=(top); i>=0; i–)        cout<


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