3. RepairsGarage Door Service Of Stamford offers premiums repairs on any make and model garage doors.

Every repair that we provide is fixed with high end products made with quality materials. We want our customers to have the best so we try and provide that for them.Types Of Repairs We can repair any part that is able to be repaired.

From springs to drums and even openers, your garage door will be as good as new once we’ve finished fixing it. Our repair services is vital to keeping your door in the absolute working order. When parts tend to break and getting them repaired isn’t quick enough, this usually causes more damage. We are able to repair these parts:Your OPENER is what opens and closes the door. If your door isn’t moving at all then maybe yyrnopener went out.

The reason for your garage door stays balanced is from the DRUMS. These tend to wear down quick from the amount on pressure put on them.PANELS should be replaced if they have serious damage to them.Over the years TRACKS will need to be aligned because they become warped and bent. The tracks is what helps guide the door.And more.

..Without the majority of these parts your garage door wouldn’t operate to full potential. Stay aware of these parts and when one breaks, call us right away to have it repaired.

No reason to hold it off any longer because of the extra damage it could cause.GuidelinesHere is a guideline to go by for when your garage door won’t open or close. There are numerous reason for it to be happening but most of the time it’s usually the same problems. Take a look at the list below to follow:Take a look at your EMERGENCY CABLE and if you pull on it and the door doesn’t open then that might be your problem.Your OPENER might have malfunctioned causing the issues.

Check on the DRUMS for usually wear and broken piecesLook at your TRACKS bends and breaksNothing should be in the way of the SENSORIf none of these solutions are the cause. Then our technician that we send over will do an inspection and determine the cause within minutes. Afterwards you’ll have options to what should be done next. As long as you get the problem resolved your garage door will be back up and functioning again.We’re Always Available Any day of the week, 24/7. Our company is at your service waiting by the phones for your call. You might call us because you have a garage door emergency and need us right away. Or maybe you just need a repair and as long as we have a technician available and in your area, we’ll be right there.

Complications can arise at any moment when it comes to a garage door, especially with ones that are not well taken care of. Don’t wait to give us a shout, a technician will come prepared with all the right tools and parts if in stock. Have your door in working order again.Your Home and What We OfferShowing and treating your home with respect is where it all starts. You can be sure of this, no technician will disrespect your property. We’re here to help it be whole again offering our garage door services.

You choosing us opens up amazing things for you and our garage door. Here’s what you get when you hire us:Affordable pricesPerfectionProfessional servicesFull inspectionAnd much more…With the array of services we offer along with our friendly team, there’s nothing that could get in our way. Your home is in great hands and your garage door will be than before once we’re done with it. Commercial BuildingsCommercial buildings are just like homes also.

Storing important things along with yourselves. Most commercial building have steel or aluminum roll up doors. They’re easy to maintain and the provide a certain security some doors can’t. When parts decide to go out in those we’ll have it fixed quickly.

You can also call us to set up an appointment to come after work hours or before. We understand not wanting to disrupt daily workflow. If it’s very important to get it done right away we’ll even come during business hours. Technicians will treat every employee and customer just like you would when they see them, always with respect and a greeting. No technician will come to the worksite dressed inappropriately. Every one of them will have a uniform on always looking professional.

Replacing Old PartsWe handle broken parts on garage doors everyday. So what better way to help our customers by supplying their garage door with quality products. Made to endure the day to day wear and tears that a garage door gives. Our parts are made rust resistant to ensure the longevity of your garage. We’ll replace all these parts when it comes to your garage door:CablesTorsion SpringsKeypadsOpenersDrumsTracksPanelsBrackets and HingesAnd so much more..

.It’s hard to dispute the quality service and parts we offer our city. We’re always trying to give back to the people that have stood with us and supported our company.

With these parts that the leading manufacturers have supplied us, our company is always on the rise.Lifetime Warranties Manufacturers will offer our customers lifetime warranties on their parts depending on what kind of part it is. Ask your technician or the phone staff member if the part your getting has this warranty. So if the part is faulty and you feel like it’s not working the way it should, we’ll come right back over and fix it for free.PricesPrices will vary depending on the services you are getting but we try and help out our customers by offering affordable prices along with various coupons. Our deals and coupons will change every week.

So make sure to ask the customer service representative if your service qualifies for the deal that’s going on for that week. Who doesn’t love deals, I know I do!We Also Repair GatesBesides garage doors were able to offer services on gates. People will put a front gate in front of their home or commercial building to offer that extra bit of security. If there’s a problem with your gate, sometimes it’s because the opener and the gate are not synced anymore.

Then there’s the problem with the keypad needing new batteries. All simple fixes and we have the team for the job. If You Need Repairs, We Got YouRepairs come and go but the friendships we build with our customers will last. Here at Garage Door Service Of Stamford we can offer you any garage door repair you need. With our trained and professional techs just a call away. We’ll see to it that your garage door is operational again. There’s no need to wait to see if the problem will go away, that will only cause more serious issues. Contact us first and we’ll have the problem solved.

We can’t wait to hear from you! Call us now!


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